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This is a database that contains references about celebrities that have received spankings or even like being spanked. This database only contains those stories in which the star in question had reached late teen or adult age at the time of being spanked. There are deliberately no references of childhood spankings here (you'll find that information at SFR if you really want to).
Do you know of a celeb being spanked or into spanking that is not listed here? Don't be shy and write me :)

NameFirst NameDate of BirthinThe factsSourceMore Pictures
Alba Jessica 1981-04-28 Pomona There are a couple of interesting rumours and facts that might allow the conclusion that Miss Alba is one of us.

Jessica Alba has freely reported on MSNBC website, Sept 23, 2005, about her teenage years:
I wasn't allowed to wear a bathing suit in the house when I was a kid," Jessica explained. "I would get spanked and they would be like, 'Put your clothes on' … not like a bad spanking but my grandma would get the fly swatter and make us get our clothes on.

In a photoshoot for Esquire (Nov 2005) she chose to remodel the famous "Letter-in-the-mouth" scene from Secretary. She also called "Secretary" her favorite movie and stated it was a leap for feminism as Maggie Gyllenhaal's character choses to be controlled. Another choice of hers was "9 1/2 weeks", also a novel with a strong BDSM theme.

Thus we were not surprised to see her receiving the whip in "Sin City" (2005) and a belt spanking in "The Killer Inside Me" (2010).

A closer look at her choice of roles is also very intruiging.

The National Enquirer (not the best source of course) reported this in Nov. 2005:
According to a source at Red Hot Video in Hollywood, Jessica recently left the store with a handful of fetish films. Titles included Fetish Factor 2, Neo Pornographia, Latex and Fetish Island, a spanking video.

And she continues to expose herself in BDSM - like settings. For the 2008 campaign "Declare yourself" (youth voters) she had herself wrapped up in bondage tape.
SFR and these pictures: Image Hosted by ImageTitan.comImage Hosted by click
Anderson Pamela 1967-07-01 Ladysmith (CN) In the Elles Degeneres Show aired on the 12th of September 2007 Pamela Anderson admitted that her former husband Tommy Lee pulled her on his lap and spanked her butt.
Pamela: "He pulled me on his lap and spanked my butt."

Ellen: "Was that okay or no?"

Pamela: "Yeah, that was okay. What are you going to do? Boys.."

Earlier on the former manager of the s&M club The Vault is quoted:
Former club owner Anthony Marini told the New York Post newspaper: "I remember Tommy Lee coming in with Pamela Anderson and a Pam Anderson look-alike and going up to the couples-only floor and playfully whipping and spanking them - not too hard - as he drank champagne.
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Apple Fiona 1977-09-13 NYC The successful singer seems to enjoy a spanking - even a hard one. Listening to her music one would suppose there's a dark side to her and this as confirmed on the Howard Stern Show.
Her ex lover, magician David, Blaine is a known-spanker who even likes to talk about it.
He had to say the following:
Howard: Let me ask you a question, get back to Fiona [see Fiona Apple] - did you spank her so hard she couldn't sit thru her concerts?

David: Yeah.

Howard: Are you into spanking?

David: Yeah yeah.

[also see Josie Maran]
I've seen a clip of the show (you can too) click
Atkinson Gemma 1984-11-16 Bury This girl appeared in magazines like Arena, FHM, Loaded, Maxim, Zoo Weekly and Nuts as a glamour model.
She also works as an actress and played the role of Lisa Hunter in the soap opera "Hollyoaks".

News of the World had the following to report from her ex-lover Karl Benion:
It was amazing. We must have been in there for 20 minutes. It was mind-blowing. Eventually we heard some angry voices calling for the lift so we had to stop. But as soon as we got into the flat we went for it again.

"We were all over each other and ended up doing it naked on the balcony. She liked being ruffled up and dragged about—none of the lovey-dovey stuff. And she loved being spanked.

"I gave her some whacks on her bum as we did it. She was shouting ‘harder, harder' and swearing at me.

"The sun was coming up and people were coming out of the clubs on their way home and could see us. It was the ultimate thrill for us both.

"Then I sat on this chair and she straddled me. We were on the balcony for about an hour before moving back into the bedroom. It was a wild passionate night. It was a dream. I have slept with a lot of women but she was the best.

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Aubrey Anne 1937-01-01 - The Sun on January 26 1973 ran the headline "TV actor spanked unfaithful wife with twong".
Husband Derren Nesbitt obviously was very upset when he found out about his wife, actress Ann Aubrey, having an affair, so he spanked her bare bottom bare bottom with a leather strap. "He beat her with the strap leaving severe bruises and cuts", a court ruled later and fined the actor 250 pounds.
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Aycox Nicki 1975-05-26 Hennessey The actress ( Jeepers Creepers 2, Supernatural) admitted on the Howard Stern Show on 8/19/03 that she was into spanking. "She said she likes to be spanked when she's with a guy too. She doesn't like the guy to get out of hand with that though." Summary of that show ( click ) click
Bach Barbara 1947-08-27 New York Barbara Bach was one of the most famous models in the 1970ies and managed to become the Bond Girl in 1977 Bond movie The spy who loved me. She met Ringo Starr while filming Caveman and married him in 1981.
Mrs Bach was not shy to get spanked for the Playboy magazine.
Image Hosted by ImageTitan.comImage Hosted by
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Ball Lucille 1911-08-06 Beverly Hills Lucille Ball was famous for her show "I Love Lucy".
She was her own boss after the successful debut of the show in 1951 and undoubtedly had some say in when her character would take spankings on the show. And there was a number of spankings she took on this show - all by her husband, Desi Arnaz.

In the late 1940s, Lucille Ball was in a radio show called "My Favorite Husband" costarring Richard Denning, and she was supposedly spanked (on air) in that show, too.

She also didn't mind a spanking by director Lionel Barrymore at a birthday party at Lucy's Chatsworth ranch.
Image Hosted by
The IMDB, various clips from the Show and Dan Navarro. click
Beckham Victoria 1974-04-17 Goff's Oak The singer (Spice girls) and fashion designer reportedly went on a shopping spree in LA to spice up sex life with her husband David Beckham.
Allegedly her purchase included handcuffs for 400 EUR, a blind fold for 150 EUR and a SM "toy box", including leather paddles, for 1.200 EUR
German yellow press magazine InTouch (edition No 31, 29th of July 2010) Scan click
Berrabah Amelle 1984-04-22 Aldershot The sun on November 14, 2006 had this tidbit to report on the former Sugababes singer:

BEHIND her sweet innocent look, Sugababes singer AMELLE BERRABAH is hiding a raunchy spanking secret.

The star has revealed how she likes to spice up her love life with kinky antics in the bedroom.

She told New magazine: “A bit of a*** whipping - there's nothing wrong with that!"

Keen to get in on the act, Amelle's bandmate KEISHA BUCHANAN added that she gave Cheryl Tweedy a whip as a wedding present.

She boasted: "I have a little crush on Cheryl and Ashley as a couple. They are lovely.

“I bought Cheryl a diamond-encrusted whip from Agent Provocateur for their honeymoon."
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Berry Halle 1966-08-14 Cleveland When Tom Hanks - her co-star in Cloud Atlas - threatened to spank people who woudl not vote in the 2012 presidential election - Halle Berry dared him in an interview to spank him.
"Well I'm not gonna vote", she said and bent over while Hanks was holding a ping paddle. Sadly, Hanks blows his chance.
Here is the clip click
Birkin Jane 1946-12-14 London Not only did the actress become famous for her "scandalous" duet with Serge Gainsbourg „Je t’aime… moi non plus“ (1969). Roughly at the same time she also posed (probably in a magazine) for a spanking with Gainsbourg. In another shot she is shown in a submissive pose, shackled to a radiator.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Brie Alison 1983-12-29 Pasadena In the August 2011 issue of GQ Brie posed with her co-star from "Community", Gilian Jacobs, for a mutual spanking.

Burns Lauren 1976-06-08 Melbourne Lauren Burns won the Olympic gold medal at Taekwondo in Sydney (2000). Judging by the statement she made for ABC Online (Australia) a cane was used to improve her performance. Ah those Korean coaches...

The first time I went to Korea was just such an experience. I was running with one of the younger girls and I was sort of helping her, and we were sort of at the back, 'cause she had an injury, and we were running around, and we got to the end last. And the coach said, "OK, get down in push-up position." And I thought, "Oh, no, push-ups." And then he had this big bamboo stick, thick with welts on it, and he just cracked it just over the bottom of our buttocks, on the top of our hamstring. And the pain - I've just never felt pain like that. So I got 10.
You know, they had this philosophy of, if they hit you, "I'll try and break the stick," you know, clench yourself so that you're always trying to compete against the stick, break the stick, run faster, run harder - all of those things.
ABC Online click
Clarkson Kelly 1982-04-24 Fort Worth On 2/10/2011 the singer told the Sunday Mirror in an interview:
“I wasn’t blessed with boobs. So flashing is not possible. I do have a good sturdy bra though. I’ve thought many times I’d look good with boobs the size of my padded bras.
There’s nothing to flop out like Rihanna. I’m not overtly sexual with my music, you can be sexual without being overt. Hell, if I looked like Rihanna or Britney I’d be all about whips and chains.*”

* a reference to Rihanna's song S&M, see Rihanna click
Coppola Sofia 1971-05-14 NYC The star director was not too shy to submit to a spanking by her lover Marc Jacobs for the March edition 04 of the Vanity Fair Magazine. Image Hosted by click
Curry Adrianne 1982-08-06 Joliet In May 2011 America's Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry was the guest of Howard Stern and admitted she liked being spanked:

"Absolutely, that's like one of my favorite things in spank me till I have welts and handprints on my ass".[...]
It depends on what we're if he's the principal and I'm in my Catholic schoolgirl outfit - that works. [...]
Or he can be Daddy which make it real twisting[...]
What do I do wrong? Everything! Like he'll just bring out shit I did like he caught me checking out some chick's tits then I get some raps.

Im March 2012 she twittered this picture:

video click
Dixon Alesha 1978-10-07 Welwyn Garden City Alesha was a member of the English R&B group Mis-Teeq That split in 2005. After that she has appeared as a host on a couple of TV events.
She also participated in the BBC dancing contest Strictly Come Dancing pairing with Matthew Cutler.
Matthew smacked her bottom on that show as a punishment when she couldn't get the steps right.
She commented on this:
"I liked it. [...]Do it again I might get the step right".
BBC television click
Ekberg Anita 1931-09-29 Malmö (SWE) The actress obviously knew how to drive a man crazy.
In the Times issue of June 1 1970 the headline was
Shades of La Dolce Vita:

4 a.m. in Rome and Amazonian Anita Ekberg in full cry. Six carabinieri were needed at the Cavalieri Residence to quell the disturbance. It seems that Anita, after waltzing home all aglow with vita and vino, had yanked the covers off her sleeping spouse, Sometime Actor Rile.von Nutter. "I didn't want to hit her in the face," Rik explained. "I just turned her over my knee and gave her the reddest butt you ever saw. And that's not a tiny bottom."
Times, see text click

Electra Carmen 1972-04-20 Sharonville The actress (Baywatch) and model was quoted in the New York Times in 2010:
“It’s very naughty. I love lingerie and I love sex toys and the whole idea of them. We all do. I’m a bondage girl myself. I like to be in control sometimes as the dominatrix. But then it’s fun to be submissive as well. I can play both parts.”
In 2012 she shot a video for her debut single "I like it loud" and received a public spanking on the number 43 bus in New York from a leather-clad dominatrix.

Image Hosted by
see picture; articles from New York Post, The Sun click
Fergie 1975-03-22 Whittier Stacy Ann Ferguson said this interesting line while being interviewed by radio moderator Ryan Seacrest:

Fergie: We're constantly being controversial though.
Ryan: You're being fcc-spanked regularly arent'you?
Fergie: I know, well I like being spanked Ryan.
Ryan: Fergie don't start with this game - your boyfriend could be listening.
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Gaga Lady 1986-03-28 New York The singer (real name Stefani Germanotta) ended up over a girl's knee in St. Jerome’s night club in New York April 2009. She seemed to be enjoying it.

Also she said this in an interview with
I just have this weakness for leather, long hair and a dark side. Maybe that's not such a good thing.

This showed in these pictures for Vogue Hommes Japan (photographer Nobuyoshi Araki):
Image Hosted by ImageTitan.comImage Hosted by
Image Hosted by ImageTitan.comImage Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Another kinky photoshoot:

In Mai 2011 she visited fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier in Paris - part of a documentary for French television. The visit included a photoshoot which showed Gaultier (as a priest) spanking Gaga (as a nun).

Image Hosted by
Gardner Ava 1922-12-24 Grabtown From an article about the spanking in the stage play "The little hut" (it was not included in the 1957 movie version with Ava Gardner):
The spanking scene was included in the script of the film version which went to the Hays Office in 1956, but was later cut. Whether this was Ava Gardner’s doing is something we shall never know for sure, but I can tell you that Ava very nearly got a public spanking in a California bar during an interview with Joe Hyams of Look magazine. He had asked her a slightly near the knuckle question and she punched him, knocking him out of his chair. In his autobiography, Mislaid in Hollywood, he tells what happened next:

Picking myself up, I jerked Ava from her chair and started to lay her over my knee for a spanking. It was the first time I had touched her, and I was surprised that she was so light, and so soft and feminine. For a moment we were frozen in a tableau. Then I was aware of sounds around us and eyes on us. ‘Don’t ever do that again,’ I said, slowly releasing her. She looked at me then, but instead of being angry she was smiling.

Hyams doesn’t explicitly give a date for this, but from references to other events it looks like it must have been in 1955, the year before she avoided the spanking in The Little Hut.

(This incident is mentioned prominently in Hyam’s obituary in The Times – he died in 2008).
Spank Statement click
Handler Chelsea 1975-02-25 Livingston The comedian and show host Chelsea Handler does not mind being spanked. She willing submitted to a few smacks from singer Akon on her show. Later on she hosted the MTV music awards in 2010 and got smacked by LilJon, Lindsay Lohan and others. In reaction Musician Jared Leto then in her show came to the conclusion that she was into spanking and gave her a strap as a gift.
When musician Cee-Lo visited her show, Chelsea told him about a former security guard for the show who impersonated his brother.
"I believed him, so then I took this photo with him," she said. [...] it shows Chelsea gagged and bent over a desk, pants down, as the guard prepares to swat her with a paddle.
"I like to let black men slap me on the ass when they come on the show," she joked. "I thought I was being nice to him and it would maybe help me get you on the show."
Image Hosted by
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Heard Amber 1986-04-22 Austin The actress posed for a pretty kinky photoshoot with Ellen von Unwerth for Vs magazine in 2011:

see pictures click
Hemme Christy 1980-10-28 Poway The model and wrestling diva dressed as a schoolgirl for Howard Stern and got spanked on the show for bad grades. see for yourself click click
Hudson Kate 1979-04-19 Los Angeles Miss Hudson receives a onscreen spanking by Casey Affleck in The Killer Inside Me.
She was asked in an interview about this scene and had the follwing to say:

The Telegraph:
On seeing herself in 'The Killer Inside Me':
"I don't like watching myself on the big screen at the best of times. I hardly recognised myself in this one. I'd gained a little weight. I wasn't working out... right before then I had been working out a lot and had become super muscular, which I didn't like either. It wouldn't have been right for that part, I wanted to look plainer. Not glamorous. Small town. There is something kind of masochistic about her. She wasn't easy to empathize with."

On getting spanked by Casey Affleck:
""There were a couple (of spankings) in there when I thought, 'God, Casey!' He got a bit of power behind it. It was definitely real. It depends on your sense of humor where you draw your boundaries. After about the 20th spank we all started to laugh because you become quite comfortable with the idea and it becomes about the technical side of things."

"I've known Casey for so long that you can't help but laugh every now and then. I'm pretty comfortable with my body. I'm imperfect. The imperfections are there. People are going to see them, but I take the view you only live once, and, hey, I'm getting spanked today!"
varius source, e.g. here click
Hurley Elizabeth 1965-06-10 Basinstoke The British model and actress made the tabloids repeatedly with hints that she is into spanking. Here's the round-up from the American Spanking Society:
It was widely reported that Hurley and her friends (a racy English group nicknamed the Viles) like to play a spanking game. The spankee bends over a sofa, and is blindfolded. Members of the group then take turns administrating a hard spank (to most likely a bare-bottom). If the spankee correctly guesses the spanker... the spanker is out. The game continues until all spankers have been guessed.

English tabloids had fun with this, throwing out headlines such as... "Spank You Very Much" and "Liz Hurt-y."

Also, movie producer William Annesley mentioned giving Hurley a bare-bottomed spanking with a hairbrush... and that she had also spanked him. He said it was no big deal, it was just "an English thing."

Finally, in March 2010 Liz Hurley denied on the Irish Independent News that she was into spanking.
"That was a myth," says Hurley now, in that voice of hers.
It's not true?
These spanking games at upper-class parties?
"No, I was never part of any set. I have never been a member of any set, club or gang in my life. I don't like that."
There was a revealing picture of her bending over suggestively on this magazine cover, to illustrate an article about spanking and The Viles. "But that was so unfair," she coos, and she looks like she is going to cry.
"I fell out with the magazine for 10 years because of that," she says with a laugh. "That was really unfair. That wouldn't happen today. The wind-machine blew my skirt up. It was ridiculous. I was very hurt by that."
So it wasn't a fetish?
"No! Not remotely," she smiles, showing the brightest teeth I've ever seen. "The thought of being a member of a club called The Viles is beyond embarrassing. Ridiculous. Absolute rubbish. I don't normally refute anything, but I can refute that to you. It is absolute bollocks.
"It sounds very immature to me! It sounds completely ludicrous," she adds.
English newspapers
Jackson Janet 1966-05-16 Gary, Indiana Miss Jackson said the following in Issue No. 8 / 2008 of the German Glamour magazine "In"

In: In the title song "Discipline" you even sing about sexual submission and beg to be punished. Is that also your private lifestyle?

Janet Jackson: I don't have a certain lifestyle, I don't want to be reduced to one. I am sexually very open-minded and enjoy many ways of erotic play. Trusting your partner unconditionally and surrendering yourself completely - that's definitely a part of it.

The lyrics of her song "Discipline" are extremely kinky indeed.
I need some discipline tonight

Don't hold back
I've been very bad
Make me cry
Oh Make me cry
I misbehaved
And my punishment should fit my crime

Read the full lyrics here!
I read it myself. Scan 1 | Scan 2 click

Jenner Kendall 1995-11-03 Los Angeles Kendall Jenner went over Santa´s Knee is a short clip produced for Love Magazine´s "LOVE Advent 2014".

The clip click
Jordan 1978-05-22 - aka Katie Price.

Second-hand information of the photo model's former lover Warren Furman who told the Sun that Jordan had a strong addiction to spanking and whipping:

She complained that I didn`t spank her hard enough - she said the pain it gave her turned her on."
Sun 10th February 2004 click
Kardashian Kim 1980-10-21 Los Angeles The IT-Girl, model and reality soap actress with the remarkable butt was asked by Howard Stern (who else?) if she liked spanking:
I love being spanked
You like it?
Yes, I'm into that.
video click
Keibler Stacy 1979-10-14 Baltimore The girlfriend of George Clooney and ex-wrestling star has been spanked quite a number of times on stage- and also had these interesting things to say on a Q+A for

Whatever people do is their own business. If that's what does it for you, then that's good. I've never been to any kind of S&M club, so I don't know much about that scene. But spanking's okay. I've actually been spanked on TV a few times, and I don't mind being spanked privately, on special occasions.

Not too surprisingly she assumed the position naturally in a photoshoot from 2006: click
Kesha 1987-03-01 San Fernando Valley The pop singer ("Tik Tok") was happy to pose for a spanking with fellow artist Katy Perry.

Image Hosted by

Also she said this according to The Daily Telegraph, Aug 21 2010:

"But also I’d be as honored to share a song with Rihanna as I’m honored to share her stage during our concert tour,” Ke$ha tells PerezHilton.
“I don't know what she would be learning from me, aside from how to look like a maniac, but I definitely learned a lot from her. I've only been performing pop music for under a year, so I'm relatively new to the arena thing.
"It's terrifying, so I really do, every night, watch her, and she's so graceful and so sweet and so badass. I saw her yesterday, and she spanked me - always keeping me on my toes. She's the sickest.”
German yellow press, January 2010 Courier Mail click
Kidman Nicole 1967-06-20 Honolulu In the GQ (UK), issue December 2009, she was quoted like this:

"My life is about exploring love. I've explored obsession, loss, strange sexual fetish stuff. But I am still on that journey."
Image Hosted by click
Knightley Keira 1985-03-26 London The actress received a (faked) on-screen spanking in A dangerous method, but obviously hated it. In an interview with TheHollywoodReporter in September 2011 she said:
Almost turning down the film because of the spanking scenes:

"When I first read the script, I thought, 'The script was fascinating, and it's David, and I really want to work with David, but I read those two scenes and just went, 'I don't think that I can do that,' particularly because it's the age of the Internet; it's gonna be everywhere; I don't want that out there'... I phoned him up to really turn it down... I said to him, 'Look, I love you, I love the script, I love the character, but I really don't know that I can play those scenes'... He said, 'Look, if I'm gonna do them, then they're gonna be clinical; they're not gonna be sexy, they're not gonna be voyeuristic in that way.' And I thought, 'Okay, well I can understand that. As long as it's clinical and it's not some, sort of, weird sexy spanking thing.'"

Executing the spanking scenes:

"There was a box which he hit, so he was nowhere near me, thank God! I did actually say to Michael before one of the scenes -- I was like, 'I've got a security guard outside. You touch me and he's gonna break your legs!' And he was like, 'Keira, you're tied to a bed. You're not really in a position to say that.' I said, 'I guess you're right.'... [I did] a couple of shots of vodka -- definitely -- beforehand, and then a couple of glasses of champagne as a celebration of never having to do that again!"
click click
Liu Lucy 1968-12-02 Queens, New York The Calgary Sun on September 15, 1999 on page 60 titled:
She was quoted:
"I myself like a good spanking on occasion, if it's done right," she said."It's got to have that right ring."
different sources, e.g. here click
Lively Blake 1987-08-25 Tarzana Apart from being spanked in "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee" the Gossip Girl star took part in the DirecTV's 3rd annual Celebrity Beach Bowl (2009).

Here's what a user on GossipGirlInsider reported about the event:
When he took a homerun, she danced a little and screamed etc. The other coatch said that is wasn't a homerun, and she pushed the coatch back to the sideline while laughing. He dropped the ball, and she laughed. And they stood very close most of the time. Penn kissed her head. She had her arms around his waist on the sideline. They hugged. And the best part - he spanked her with his flag belt! Penn asked her first if they should get going. Blake turned around to say bye to Chace, and Penn got unpatient. Then he spanked her but with that thing twice in a row. You could hear the spanks! click
Longoria Eva 1975-03-15 Corpus Christi Eva is obviously the submissive type, so she probably won't mind a good spanking.
She told the American magazine "Intouch" that she's being tied with silk scarves from time to time.

"I like it when a man takes control. It can be sexy to be submissive. Not all the time, but at the right place
in the right time."

Earlier on in 2005 she is quoted on
"I love being tied up with silk scarves. There's something very sexy about being submissive because your guard is down. You have to totally surrender to something like that.

"I wish men knew how women wanted to be touched. I've schooled all the boyfriends I've ever had. They have to try these things."

She also did this photo shoot with SM elements in 2009:
Image Hosted by
click and many others | 2005 click
Lopez Jennifer 1969-07-24 New York City In November 2009 Jennifer Lopez' ex-husband, Ojani Noa, considered releasing video footage of his marriage to Jennifer Lopez in his "parody" film "How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The J.Lo and Ojani Noa Story".

According to the National Enquirer, the Cuban-born waiter has 11 hours worth of tape that shows her frolicking around half-naked and also getting spanked.
But that's not the naughty Jennifer seen on the tape — in skimpy underwear being chased around the bedroom by Noa, who playfully spanks her.

At least some sort of tape seems to exist, as JLo instantly had a court stop the release of the tape.
National Enquirer and numerous other sources who reported about this and the court case click
Love Courtney 1964-07-09 San Francisco Courtney posted this picture of her getting whipped by Amanda Lepore on her facebook account in 2010. It might well be from a 2002 shoot with David David Lachapelle.
Various newspapers and gossip site (DailyMail, Huffington Post, The Hollywood Gossip). click
Love Hewitt Jennifer 1979-02-21 Waco Quote from Radar Online about one of Love Hewitts's parties with her friends (2010):
"To set the mood, the ladies played the game 'What's Your Sexy Fantasy' before shopping for such goodies like Booty Parlor's sexy lingerie, designer sex toys and beauty products."

"The actress bought tons of bedside staples including Melt Chocolate Body Fondue, Skin Honey Kissable Body Topping, All Tied Up Bonding Tape, a Good Girl Bad Girl Feather Spanker, vibrating panties and four types of sexy lingerie underwear."

On the show "TheTalk" (28.01.2011) Jennifer Love-Hewitt was asked to describe her Best Valentine memory ever.
Here's what she said:
My Mom does this thing every year called the Lonely Hearts Club...and it's for girls who don't have a Valentine...which I think is awesome. A couple of years ago we played Drag Queen Bingo. In our pajamas. It's awesome. And it's actually hosted by a drag queen who's fabulous and it's wonderful and they're friends of ours. And they come into it and if you do anything wrong you get spanked on the bum with a paddle [...]

In 2012 she claimed that she would love to play the part of Anastasia in the movie based on the BDSMish bestseller 50 Shades of Grey. She told Access Hollywood:
“I wanna be Anastasia so badly,I think it would be awesome. I think it would be really, really fun.”
contactmusic | The Talk click
Madonna 1958-08-16 Bay City While Madonna has done several provoking things in her career, the spanking fetish keeps on shining through constantly. So there's a good chance it might be more than just PR.

In her 1990 album "I'm breathless" she release a song called Hanky Panky. During her appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show, Madonna said that the song was "about a spanking but not the kind that you get when you're bad".
There are several live performances of this song featuring indications of spankings.

Some of the Lyrics:
I just like things a little rough and you better not disagree
'Cause I don't like a big softie (no) I like someone mean and bossy
Let me speak to you frankly, you better...

Like hanky panky (hanky panky)
Nothing like a good spanky (good spanky)
Don't take out your handkerchiefs
I don't wanna cry, I just wanna hanky panky
Like hanky panky (hanky panky)
Nothing like a good spanky (good spanky)
Don't take out your handkerchiefs
I don't wanna cry, I just wanna hanky panky guy
(She wants you to) Treat me like I'm a bad girl
(She needs you to) Even when I'm being good to you
I don't want you to thank me (Don't thank her), you better...

It's rumored that this song was inspired by her real-life relationship with Warren Beatty who is said to be a spanko. This is noted in the autobiography, "Madonna: An Intimate Biography". If you check the Editorial Reviews section you'll see this quote: "Madonna's tune "Hanky Panky" reflects Beatty's favorite sport, spanking".

Which is probably why her performance for "Hanky Panky" includes a Warren Beatty look-a-like playing his character, Dick Tracy!

From the biography is also this passage about her relationship to Warren Beatty:
"He's into all aspects of sexuality. This is why he's so perfect for me", she added. "He has no restrictions. He says to me, 'If you misbehave I'll just have to spank you.' I love that. Everything to him is living out his sexual fantasies."
While talking to Madonna an interviewer also noticed she had placed "Jeux des Dames Cruelles" on her coffee table which is an illustrated history of female spanking!


In August 2008 newsparer were reporting that Madonna asked her lawyers to stop the publication of several letters to her former boyfriend James Albright.
Some of the letters were said to be signed 'Spanky' and feature lipstick kisses.

She also likes to play with the SM theme in her book (Outtake), on stage, a Vanity Fair session in 1992, from her Vid "Human Nature" and in public (old picture, not sure if that's really her).

In 2014 she made a SM related photoshoot with Katy Perry for V Magazine, e.g. showing her on her knees with Perry holding a strap.

Image Hosted by
If she's into spanking, she's probably a switch I'd guess.

In 2015 she picked up speed again while playfully spanking a number of people on stage, including Amy Schumer, Katy Perry and Rita Ora. She also received a couple of swats from Jessica Chastain and was spanked by her dancers.
Image Hosted by
This one and others
Maran Josie 1976-05-08 Menlo Park The photo model and actress ( Van Helsing ) used to be the girlfriend of magician David Blaine.
Blaine is a known-spanker who even likes to talk about it. In the Howard Stern Show both Maran and Blaine appeared one night, here's the transscript:
Howard: Let me ask you a question, get back to Fiona [see Fiona Apple] - did you spank her so hard she couldn't sit thru her concerts?

David: Yeah...

Howard: Are you into spanking?

David: Yeah yeah...

Howard: Josie you've been spanked too?

Josie: Yeah...

Howard: That's hot.

Josie: a restaurant

Howard: And Josie you enjoy this?

David: Josie is great.

Josie: He tries to make other people enjoy this.
I've seen a clip of the show (you can too) click
Mayo-Chandler Karen 1958-04-18 Sutton Now you will not know this actress who died in 2006. What makes this bit of information nonetheless interesting is the person who spanked her: Jack Nicholson who used to date her way back when.

She said this to the Sunday Times, edition 22/12/2002:
He's into fun and games in bed, all the really horny things I get off on, like spankings, handcuffs, whips and Polaroid pictures. His idea of being sexy is dressing in blue satin boxer shorts and fluorescent orange socks and chasing me around the room with a Ping-Pong paddle.
It is also rumoured that Jack Nicholson has earned himself the nickname "Spanking Jack".
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Mitchell Joni 1943-11-07 Fort MacLeod In the book "Girls Like Us" by Sheila Weller (release 2008) the author describes how folk singer Joni Mitchell ('Clouds', 'Woodstock') was spanked by her husband Chuck Mitchell at the age of 23.
At some point after Joni returned to Detroit from Philadelphia in
the early winter of 1966-67, Chuck confronted her. This wasn’t the first time he’d shown his young wife his anger and insecurity.

“I got paranoid, and all this garbage was coming out in my mind about my trying to control Joni and my resentment of her success and my fear of losing her.”

Joni was so angry at Chuck’s possessiveness.

She said, “You’re bringing me down,” Chuck admits. “She’d always say, don’t be possessive!”

He repeatedly asked her if she’d had an affair. She challenged his right to ask the question. She said something like “Well, what if I did?”


Also Shaw TV Winnipeg, a Canadian cable channel, are making a documentary film set for theatrical and DVD release about the relationship between Chuck and Joni. The title is supposed to be "Spanking Joni Mitchell".

Shortly after the divorce from Chuck Joni visits a Hollies show and introduces herself to Graham Nash.
They meet again soon after and become an item.

Graham Nash remembers this little episode from their time together:

"Some time before Woodstock, Joni and I had talked about marriage, but I’d already been in a marriage that ended after three years. I was very hesitant, and Joan picked right up on that. Although I loved her, our relationship started winding down.
We had a short tour in Europe with Joni, and it went weird in Copenhagen. A few days earlier, we did a show in Stockholm, rapping as usual about politics onstage with a gentle anti-American slant, especially when it came to the Vietnam War and the myth behind the Kennedy assassination. It upset Joan. We were in our hotel when I asked her what was up.
‘You keep slagging America after it gave you all this opportunity,’ she said. ‘Why are you biting the hand that feeds you?’
We argued. Then she poured her cornflakes and milk over my head. I was stunned, not to say p****d off.
She expected some response from me – she knew who I was. There was a maid in the room. I turned to her and said: ‘Would you kindly leave?’

Then I put Joni over my knee and I spanked her. With all due respect, she took it very well. It was over within 30 seconds.

Later, we laughed it off. I’m not so sure what she is going to make of me writing about it now, but what can I say? It happened. Me, with a bowl of cornflakes on my head, spanking Joni Mitchell. It was a crazy time.
see book above; Interview with Graham Nash, Daily Mail click
Moss Kate 1974-01-16 London The Daily Mirror reported on 20/07/2011 that the super model had quite a bit of fun at an exhibition:

MARRIED life is clearly suiting Kate Moss, who was in a frisky mood at the launch of the Chapman brothers’ new exhibition.
The newlywed, 37, ran around spanking the bottoms of fellow art lovers at the do in London’s White Cube gallery.
My insider tells me: “Lily Cole went beetroot when Kate gave her behind a massive smack and then burst out laughing.” How’s that for cheeky?
click click
O'Connor Sinead 1966-12-08 Glenageary In August 2011 the singer blogged about her sex life and said:
I want you to clarify for all who may be concerned that Sinead is in fact 99.999% vaginally oriented but has experienced the odd shall we say 'bark up the wrong tree' and immensely enjoyed it.

Apart from that and an as yet unexpressed desire to get royally rogered while wearing nothing but stilletos, by a man wearing a regular business suit which she could clime all over, and an intense enjoyment of light to not especially painful spanking, is as "kinky" as the girl gets.
My father often said affectionately of me when I was a child ”you could bring her anywhere twice. Second time to apologise!” Never a truer word was spoken and it’s what I want as my epitaph. I did once ask Alan Shatter to spank me. Years ago. Cuz he’s a ride. And no I don’t think it’s inappropriate to sexualise our politicians. I think it’s most appropriate we should. They should feel good going to work. If I was Alan or Enda today being discussed in such terms by a fine filly like myself I’d be very flattered.
Of course Alan turned me down. As sensibly, did Adam Clayton (the only do-able one in the band).
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Olsson Ann-Margret 1941-04-28 Valsjöby The actress, nominated for 2 Oscars, was spanked by her uncle in a 1961 issue of the Life Magazine.
A Voice in the Corner has more information:

Back in 1962, when she was 21-year-old, she revealed in a radio interview feature, Ask the Stars, that one of the reasons she was allowed to pursue a career as a performer from just 19, was because she was under the guidance of her uncle, ‘a kind but old-fashioned gentleman.’
She was asked about the spanking photo, which she claimed was a “real enough,” albeit mitigated on account of the camera and subsequently exploited as publicity still.
She admitted that she was indeed on the receiving end of many spankings from her uncle.
“The spankings were always the same. When uncle caught me erring on the wrong side of reasonable behaviour he would tell me point blank that I had earned a spanking. I was in no position to argue because he was right at least 99% of the time.”
“Then he would place me firmly over his knee, flip the back of my skirt up, lower my panties and spank my behind until it was bright red. This took about five minutes and included a couple of breaks for lecturing and to make sure that I understood exactly why I was being spanked.”
Miss Margaret said she could never have been described as Miss Perfect and the spankings had brought her “down to Earth.”
picture click
ONeal Tatum 1969-11-05 Los Angeles In her biography "A paper life", page 188, she says:
"John had also been goading me, first hinting, then getting pushy about my need to drop the baby weight-slapping me on the butt when he saw me eating ice cream not long after Sean was born."
Not too much of a spanking reference, but if you know the tempers of John McEnroe it doesn't take too much imagination to believe she was properly spanked by him...
"A paper life" click

Ora Rita 1990-11-26 Pristina British singer, model and actress Rita Ora has been cast for the 50 Shades of Grey movie. She is going to play the part of Christian Grey´s sister.

In an interview with The Breakfast Club on America's Power 105.1 FM she added a little bit more about why she wanted to be in this movie:

I mean, I like a whip. This is why Fifty Shades is perfect for me because I really love the book.
But I like unexpected stuff. A tiny bit of [pain], not too much. click
Perry Katy 1984-10-25 Santa Barbara Katy Perry likes to spank, it would seem. She posed for a picture spanking Ke$ha, told us she spanked Rihanna for missing her wedding and gave Eva Lonogria a friendly smack at the 2010 European Muci Award Show.
But there is also this little picture from a live performance showing a different side:
Image Hosted by

In 2014 she threatened Miley Cyrus with a spanking via Twitter (Oooo gurrrl I'm gonna give you the BIGGEST spanking when I see you in the UK bb!)
A short time later she featured with Madonna in a SM related photoshoot for V Magazine - as the dominant part.

Madonna spanked her on stage in 2015.
Phillips Bijou 1980-04-01 Greenwich, Connecticut This was a press release of on 16/07/2004 about an incident with the actress and singer:
Wild singer BIJOU PHILLIPS and BAND-AID heiress CASEY JOHNSON shocked revellers in Los Angeles by spanking teen star LINDSAY LOHAN with a whip.

The party pair turned up at an "erotic reading" in Hollywood earlier this week (begs12JUL04) and subsequently picked on Lohan and her boyfriend WILMER VALDERAMMA to playfully lash, reports website PAGESIX.COM.

Phillips then challenged a hunky partygoer to whip her as hard as he could.

A source says, "He whipped her extremely hard on her back and behind. Bijou said, 'That feels good! I like it when it hurts.'"
see text (click) click
Richards Denise 1971-02-17 Downers Grove Denise Richards was on the Howard Stern show on June 4, 2009.
A caller asked if she enjoyed spanking.
Denise said she enjoyed spanking, hair pulling etc. as long as it’s done right. click
Rigg Diana 1938-07-20 Doncaster ...was James Bond's wife in On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969), but is more famous for playing Emma Peel in the TV series The Avengers (Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone).
In the TV series she receives a swat with a fencing foil in the episode The Town of No Return...
Image Hosted by
...a lite smack in this unknown episode...
and wears a very kinky outfit as the Queen of Sin and gets whipped (off-screen) in A Touch of Brimstone.
Image Hosted by
Later on she wasn't shy for a posed spanking:
Image Hosted by
She also gets swatted quite often in a sketch with Morecambe and Wise.
You'll also find a "The Avengers" spanking fake in my Fake collection.
Rihanna 1988-02-20 Saint Michael, Barbados Over the years the singer showed more and more signs of her sexual preferences - and in the end freely admitted in 2011 to be into spanking.

The Boston Globe on Sep 7th 2007 titled 2007 "Rihanna's dominatrix show" and went on in the text:
She told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "The tour is going to be very rock star, very sexy with a dominatrix theme.

"I'm very involved with the creative process. We have been busy planning, coming up with costume ideas."

The GQ published a picture a few months later that left room forfurther speculation.

In her 2008 video "Disturbia" Rihanna also played openly with bondage themes, this time on the submissive side.

In 2009 she was quoted with this:
"I’m a bad girl and I like dangerous stuff!"
... and appeared on stage like this:
Image Hosted by
Fellow singer Kesha said this according to The Daily Telegraph, Aug 21 2010:

"But also I’d be as honored to share a song with Rihanna as I’m honored to share her stage during our concert tour,” Ke$ha tells PerezHilton.
“I don't know what she would be learning from me, aside from how to look like a maniac, but I definitely learned a lot from her. I've only been performing pop music for under a year, so I'm relatively new to the arena thing.
"It's terrifying, so I really do, every night, watch her, and she's so graceful and so sweet and so badass. I saw her yesterday, and she spanked me - always keeping me on my toes. She's the sickest.”

In the same year Rihanna made her friend Katy Perry angry by missing her friend's wedding. They got even, though, as Katy Perry pointed out:

I bent her over and I smacked her on the ass…and then I forgave her she told US show Extra.
I said, “I love you, bitch!”
In 2010 she published a song called "S&M" with the following lyrics:

Cause I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it
Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But chains and whips excite me

In the 2011 music video for the mentioned song "S & M" lots of fetish stuff is shown, including F/m dominance and Rihanna expertly being tied up in bondage fashion.

In an interview with the Rolling Stone in March 2011 Rihanna had this to say:

“I like to take charge, but I love to be submissive,” she says. “Being submissive in the bedroom is really fun. You get to be a little lady, to have somebody be macho and in charge of your shit. That’s sexy to me. I work a lot, and I have to make a lot of executive decisions, so when it comes to being intimate, I like to feel like I’m somebody’s girl.”
What else does she like? “I like to be spanked. Being tied up is fun. I like to keep it spontaneous. Sometimes whips and chains can be overly planned – you gotta stop, get the whip from the drawer downstairs. . . . I’d rather have him use his hands.” She goes on to recount a recent trip to a sex shop in Sydney called the Toolshed, where she left with two full bags of whips, blindfolds and dildos. The takeaway? “Don’t go to a sex store tipsy.”

On April 11th 2011 Rihanna told Elvis Duran of Z100’s Elvis Duran and the Morning Show "I hope (we do a video for the song). I want to spank Britney."

In July 2011 this picture was taken at the Barbadian Kadoomant festival:

In 2012 she posed with Kate Moss for V-Magazine (photographer: Mario Testino) in some SMish poses.

Also in 2012 GQ interviewed her.
I ask what turns her on, because I know she'll answer. "I like to feel like a woman," she says. "I have to be in control in every other aspect of my life, so I feel like in a relationship, like I wanted to be able to take a step back and have somebody else take the lead." Do you ever switch things up? I ask. "I could absolutely be dominant," she answers. "But, in general, I'd rather... How do I say this in like a...non-X-rated version?" Right. Lastly, any boundaries I should know about? "Love makes you go places you probably wouldn't ever go, had it not been for love. But I think everybody still has their limits."

In 2013 she twittered Katy Perry: howeverrrrr….I’ll still let you spank me!
Image Hosted by
Schneider Romy 1938-09-23 Vienna This article in the New Yorker (May, 2003) suggests that the beautiful Austrian actress might have been into spanking. She was also spanked in at least one of her movies (Die Halbzarte, 1958):
So he [i.e. Robert Cort, a hollywood producer] decided to turn it into a novel. The result, called “Action!,” is about the outsized passions of dozens of real-life colleagues, including Robert Evans, Julia Phillips, and Sam Kinison. Random House will publish the novel next month, but it is already being anxiously read in the film community. (To insure market saturation, Cort had a thousand extra galley copies printed, at his own expense.)

The hero of “Action!” is a producer named A. J. Jastrow, a slightly older, bolder, and sexier version of the author. A.J. turns up wherever the historically revealing excitement is. There is, for instance, a hotel-room encounter with Romy Schneider, the Austrian star of “What’s New, Pussycat?”:

She massaged the carpet with her toes. “I ought to be . . . punished . . . for what I did.”
“Punished how?”
Romy spoke barely above a whisper. “The way all bad girls are punished.”

“I had a thing for Romy Schneider,” Cort explained. (Schneider died in 1982.) “I spoke to her publicist the other day, and she said, ‘Romy was so promiscuous, but I didn’t know she was into spanking.’ I said, ‘Well, I talked to some people who knew her and somebody specified that.’ She said, ‘It makes total sense to me.’” He went on, “Even when Romy’s asking to be spanked, she’s servicing her own fantasies and controlling the relationship. It’s all about having the upper hand, which is unfortunately the case when you’re involved with an actor.”
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Silverman Sarah 1970-12-01 Bedford On the February 4th 2010 Miss Silverman told David Letterman the story about how she had to explain her bruised bottom to her mother.

I looked in the mirror behind me and noticed that on my tushie is a bruise the exact same shape of a hand , and I was able to just say , I'm sleeping with a man that spanks me .

On April 21 2010 Sarah appeared on the Howard Stern show. Here's a snippet from the rundown:
Howard tried to investigate the sex Sarah enjoyed with her new man, but Sarah only offered a glimpse: "Everyone likes a little--a little smack on the tush."
Clip of the show on YouTube | Rundown click
Simon Carly 1945-06-22 NYC The singer (You're so vain) obviously likes to be spanked before a show to make the nervousness go away. Here's a quote from the New Yorker magazine:
"At a celebration for President Bill Clinton's 50th birthday, at Radio City Music Hall, in 1996, Simon, terrified of following Smokey Robinson, invited the entire horn section to let her have it," writes John Lahr in the New Yorker. "'They all took turns spanking me,'she says. 'During the spank the curtain went up.'"

It's not exactly "Happy Birthday, Mr. President," but I'll bet Clinton liked it.

Update: She confirmed this on TV.
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Spears Britney 1981-12-02 McComb Now of course there have always been all kinds of rumours around Britney.
The most interesting had the Star Magazine to report in November 2007:
The tabloid alleges that the plummeting pop star's Mulholland Drive mansion is equipped with a double-locked, X-rated "Fantasy Room" filled with ticklers, whips and fur-trimmed handcuffs hanging from the metal bedframe. (Please, hold your shudders until the end.)

The second-floor room also features a mirrored ceiling, a glass jar containing spanking paddles and a closet full of kinky outfits, according to an "insider" who stumbled into the den of sin.

"She wears Catholic schoolgirl uniforms, a maid's uniform and a Cinderella outfit," claims the mole. The source also contends Brit is so obsessed with Marilyn Monroe that she wants her nose redone to look like the blond model of self-destruction.

"Britney is sexually obsessed," the source tells Star.

Her comeback tour 2011 featured Britney getting spanked on stage.
Image Hosted by
She also recorded a version of "S & M" with Rihanna and performed it with her at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards.
New York Daily News on the 28th of November click click
Winehouse Amy 1983-09-14 Enfield, London Here's some interesting second-hand information (ex-lover) on the singer:
The 27-year-old tough guy, real name Jonathan Jeannevol, met Amy, 23, through their mutual music contacts, and claims he bedded her after she returned to London following a promotional trip to New York.

He told Britain's News of the World newspaper: "She was wild. She went for hours and couldn't get enough. We must have gone through about five or six positions, but she liked being on top the best.

"She made a lot of noise and loved being spanked on the a**e. It was really rock 'n' roll."
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Wood Natalie 1938-07-20 San Francisco This well-known actress had a definite tendency to end up draped over other peoples laps, so there's a good chance she was enjoying it.

On the set of "The Girl He Left Behind" Tab Hunter got to dish out the spanking for her 18th birthday ( alt. shot 1 | alt. shot 2 ). Tab Hunter later on also spanked Natalie's daughter Natasha Wagner, imitating her mother's spanking.

On the set of "The Burning Hills" actor Nick Adams, although not participating in this movie, takes Natalie across his knee.

On July 29th, 1966, the actress, Jennifer Jones, hosted a party what was supposed to be known as “The Night Hollywood Embraced Esalen”, instead, it became known as “The Night Fritz Perls Spanked Natalie Wood”.

Natalie Wood was on the hot seat during an encounter group, playing her role with gusto. Fritz Perls attempted to get her to admit that she was acting but Natalie was too sly and skillfully slipped out of his verbal traps. Finally Fritz let her have it “You’re nothing but a spoiled little brat who always gets her own way” and he quickly hauled her over his lap and began spanking her. It was only a brief episode and after Natalie left it was Tuesday Weld’s turn on the hot seat, but there was no spanking this time.
From Richard's Blog. More sources: Tab Hunter's Biography and the pictures. click