Artist: Julian Guile
Posted by Snook 
Artist: Julian Guile
January 28, 2012 07:58PM
As I have uploaded some colorizations of Julian Guile's spanking art I thought I should also upload the original pencil drawings.

Julian Guile is an artist who works mainly in pencil, drawing erotic fantasy scenes of young women in punishment situations. Facial expression used to convey emotion is significant to Guile's work, sometimes giving the images just a hint of dark humour. The scenes he portrays usually take place in domestic or rather old fashioned school and reformatory type settings. His girls are mature, yet with a look of innocence and there is usually an element of humiliation in his pictures with the act of undressing and enforced nudity playing an evident part to the girl's punishment.

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Re: Artist: Julian Guile
April 01, 2012 08:30AM
As a big fan of 'facial expressions', I love these. I've also got a big thing for the whole "made to do yard work/chores with a sore bottom" bit, so that piece particularly appeals to me, even if I am more of a F/M fan.

I'd like to ask, since there are a lot of X/F spanking art experts/historians here, it seems, if Julian Guile (who I've never heard of until now), Hobbes and Thorn are all the same person/artist? I've certainly seen some 'Thorn' pics over the years that very much match the style of Julian Guile here, leading me to think that either someone else replaced Julian's signature (Thorn's is always 'digital' compared to Julian's hand-signed examples here) or that they are one and the same (and when posted online, 'Julian' didn't want his full name on them anymore). Does anyone have any Hobbes examples to compare, as I had trouble finding those.
Re: Artist: Julian Guile
April 01, 2012 04:21PM
Dear Banjo,

Interesting observation. Though I've seen Hobbes myself and thought the same thing. I'll see if I can find any in my collection. There were several on the now gone Artastic site and I think I saved them.

Just a quick question, however, I have to say in the F/M genre your stuff is amongst the best, do you ever do M/F or F/MF, couples?

I'll get back with the Hobbes if I can find them!

Re: Artist: Julian Guile
April 01, 2012 05:48PM
Hi Jim,

Strangely, I've yet to be able to find even ONE picture signed/accredited to Hobbes online this weekend, to compare. *I* believe (and apologies if this is wrong) that 'Thorn' is either someone who put their name on scans of Julian Guile, or simply the same person with two 'pen names' (Thorn likely being their "online" one).

Also, wow, thankyou for the unexpected kind words and praise. I don't know if I really deserve them, but I try my best; I tend to prefer the 'tone' (hard to describe) seen in lots of X/F art, but rare in F/M (which tends to be more 'bondagey', not my thing), hence the whole reason for why I taught myself to do what I do in the first place. Thus, I'm afraid I only do F/M art, since that's what personally 'pushes my buttons'. I do have certain X/F artists I like, and can certainly appreciate a real live M/F or F/F spanking ( tongue sticking out smiley ) but since F/M is what really pushes my buttons (and since the above reasons are why I started making art at all), it would take a large commission (LOL!), 'art trade' from one of my idols (double LOL!) or a very persuasive lady (triple LOL!) to get an X/F picture out of me. smiling smiley

I'd be happy to chat more, mate, if you want to PM me or contact me at to chat anytime... I honestly didn't expect to find someone who knew - much less liked - my work here!

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Re: Artist: Julian Guile
April 04, 2012 08:20AM
Hi Banjo,

as long as it has a fitting label (like F/M) in the thread's name you are welcome to post your own stuff here !

Re: Artist: Julian Guile
April 21, 2012 06:29PM
I very much doubt you'll find anything attributed to Hobbes, or even much attributed to 'Thorn', nowadays, Banjo.

I too have often wondered if Julian Guile Hobbes (or Hobbs) and Thorn are all the same person. The problem is that it can be quite dangerous to host work attributed to ‘Thorn’ on one’s blog. A certain person claiming to own an original work by Hobbes pops up and threatens to use copyright issues to get the blog closed down – I’ve had such threats issued twice and had my ‘Picasaweb’ albums closed down because of it.

The accusation this individual levels is that this ‘Thorn’ is a plagiarist who has simply added his signature to the work of ‘Hobbes. The threat works and you’d be hard pressed to find much attributed to Thorn nowadays on the web – I took my entire collection down. But I have never seen anything signed ‘Hobbes’ whereas work signed ‘Thorn’ has to my knowledge been around on the web since the late 90s. And why doesn’t the artist himself step forward if his work is being plagiarized? Or is he deceased?

If this Hobbes is deceased then the other issue I have is how new work can surface on the covers of a certain brand on-line adult comic books (graphic novels) to this very day signed ‘Thorn’ and very much obviously the work of the same artist whereas I’m given to understand ‘Hobbes’ no longer works (deceased? Can’t remember) and that all those ‘plagiarised’ works are old.

In fact I was told Hobbes’ work appeared in various old-time spanking magazines but I have never been supplied with information as to precisely which, despite asking the chap concerned several times. In addition, I have a massive collection of spank mags going back to the late 70s and have never, ever, seen anything signed Hobbes or anything in the same style – at least that I remember, whereas the work attributed to Julian Guile is so close as to be virtually (to my eye at least) indistinguishable, both in style and in subject matter.
Re: Artist: Julian Guile
April 22, 2012 04:41PM
Hi Toyntanen, if this person owns some pictures by this artist he doesn't own the copyright, even though he may think he does. When you buy a picture you only purchase the physical work, the creator or artist retains the copyright.
Re: Artist: Julian Guile
July 06, 2012 08:05PM
As one who does not draw but loves to color spanking drawings I look for good drawings to color and I have found a few over the years. in my search I have found a few of Julians drawings which very enjoyable to color. I hope that I will be able to post some the drawings that I have colored once I figure out how to do so
Re: Artist: Julian Guile
July 08, 2012 08:25PM
could you tell me how you download the drawings you have here, I don't draw but love to color drawings like ones you show here but don't know how to post them
Re: Artist: Julian Guile
July 11, 2012 11:26AM
Hi Peter S, I'm not sure from your post if you want to download or post the images. The easiest way to download is to click on the image, this will open up a larger image, right click on it and select "Save picture as" from the list, this will allow to save it where you want on your computer.

If you want to post pictures on the forum you will need an image host, you should be able to do it from flickr. There is a topic on posting images at the top of the "General Section" of this forum.

If you are interested in colorized pictures of Julian Guile's art you may like to look at some I posted in the "Drawings Thread" Topic, pages 10 and 12.
Re: Artist: Julian Guile
September 20, 2012 01:20PM
New Julian Guile art. Not so much spanking more humiliation, although from the way he is brandishing his cane her punishment is to commence shortly.

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Re: Artist: Julian Guile
August 21, 2013 09:48PM
Julian Guile's work for me is a guilty pleasure.
I love his humiliation of women pics, and would love to do to a number of women I know (and lust after....Davinia, Stephanie, Moira, Maureen.....) was he has his male characters doing to the girls concerned !
Sometimes his stuff goes a bit further than I like, but as I say - guilty pleasures
Just discovered his name, always knew him as "Thorn"
Would DEARLY LOVE to have a LOT of his stuff, but they're hard to come by. Since discovering his name and finding places like this, discovered a couple of pics Ive never seen. The less nasty ones, obviously. Anyone got any links etc for more of Julian/Thorn's work ?
Re: Artist: Julian Guile
August 21, 2013 10:33PM
Does anybody else think the women in Guile's pictures look like adolescents? Bit of a worry.
Re: Artist: Julian Guile
August 23, 2013 11:08AM
willjohn Wrote:
> Does anybody else think the women in Guile's
> pictures look like adolescents? Bit of a worry.

Well why not go elsewhere if you're concerned ?
They're supposed to be young girls probably late teens, early 20s
If your brainwashing by the politically correct is that complete, I suggest go and live in a cardboard box for fear of offending bull dyke feminists - because remember - they are offended by EVERYTHING sexual between male and female, meaning offended by HETEROSEXUALITY. But you're worried because the girls look "young". How old should they be, then ? 50s ? 60s ? 70s ?
Do you ever hear the same from these "wimmin" about young males in homo sites ?
NO. You don't

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Re: Artist: Julian Guile
August 24, 2013 12:44AM
i have daughters in their 30s. In their late teens they looked older than the girls in Guile's cartoons.
This site has a rule against child spankings. As for the rest of your gibberish if you want to go to "homo", pedophile or lesbian sites that is your business.
Re: Artist: Julian Guile
August 24, 2013 10:37AM
Willjohn, don't worry about Monstroso, he is an idiot.

The thing about drawings is that the characters in them don't have objective ages. Even if the artist intended a certain age, art is always open to interpretation.

I absolutely respect your concern; I find underage spanking to be abhorrent. However, the characters in Julian Guile's drawings aren't obviously children or adults. I've known high schoolers who look like they're in their mid-twenties, and I've known grown adults who you'd swear were underage. These drawings are sort of in that range where you can't tell for sure one way or the other.
Re: Artist: Julian Guile
August 26, 2013 11:20AM
willjohn Wrote:
> Does anybody else think the women in Guile's
> pictures look like adolescents? Bit of a worry.

As far as I'm concerned all the images I have posted here depict girls of a nubile age "18+". However, I agree with on G. Freeman on this, it can be pretty subjective, I have seen girls of fourteen who look to be in their twenties, and vice versa, but from the anatomical proportions of the girls in the Guile drawings, I see them as being clearly mature. smiling smiley
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September 18, 2013 03:43AM

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September 18, 2013 07:48AM
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Re: Artist: Julian Guile
May 18, 2014 03:52PM
Two new Julian Guile drawings for the collection. One is a spanking picture and the other a prelude to a caning.

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