Pretty cheerleader paddled in uniform as he watched -- a true story
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Pretty cheerleader paddled in uniform as he watched -- a true story
February 05, 2009 11:59PM
The author of this piece does say that girls getting paddled was relatively rare at his school. And yet here he tells the story of a girl he admired in class. He tells how he saw get paddled twice in the hall while she was wearing her cheerleader uniform. She was wearing it because there was going to be a game after school that day.

This picture is staged of course:

See the rest of this series of pictures here. This is Samantha Woodley with

From Spanked in School blog, an excerpt:

".....It was a Thursday and it was a basketball game day. On game day, all of the guys on the team wore their warm up tops to school and the cheerleaders wore their uniforms. Gold sweater with a navy blue and white strip at the top, navy blue and gold pleated skirt, navy blue knee socks with 3 gold stripes around the top and black and white saddle shoes.

Anyway, we were sitting in Ms. Preston's English class learning how to diagram sentences. I wasn't really paying attention as I had my eye on Lisa Haynes, who was the best looking girl in our class and who also was a cheerleader. At that time, I had a thing for those knee socks, especially on Lisa. She was very athletic and had great looking calves.

As Ms. Preston continue to teach, Lisa and Cindy Poston were carrying on a conversation and passing notes back and forth. Ms. Preston was a no nonsense 45 year old, fairly attractive teacher. She used the paddle quite often, mostly on boys and every once in awhile a girl. She would march the student into the hall and then a few minutes later you would hear the sound of the swats because they echoed throughout the classroom. When a paddling was being administered everyone would listen intensely and then look at each other and smile. Ms. Preston would return and then minutes later the student would return with a very red face. I always wondered what went on out in the hall. How it all went down. I was never paddled in school myself as I was terrified as to what might happen when I got home. Besides, it was very embarrassing and humiliating to be paddled at school.

Anyway, Lisa wasn't even paying attention to Ms. Preston. She was looking right at Cindy and just talking away. Then all of sudden Ms. Preston yelled at Lisa. Miss Haynes! Shut your mouth! That's all she said and then she went back to teaching. A short time later, I asked to be excused so that I could go to the restroom. I left the class and went down the hall a short ways to the boys bathroom. I did my business and then I was on my way out when I heard all of this noise. I saw Lisa walking out of the classroom with Ms. Preston, paddle in hand walking behind her. I thought to myself maybe this isn't the best time to go back to class so I stayed in the bathroom and I peered out through the crack of the door. My curiosity got the best of me. I could hear Lisa pleading with Ms. Preston not to paddle her. Ms. Preston told her to shut up and stand facing toward the wall and then she went across the hall to Ms. Yarnell's class. I heard Ms. Preston asked her to come into the hall to witness a paddling. Ms. Yarnell entered the hall and her and Ms. Preston talked together for a little bit and then they went to where Lisa was standing. Then Ms. Preston asked Lisa to turn around. Lisa begged Ms. Preston not to paddle her. Ms. Preston then began to lecture her about keeping her mouth shut and disrupting class. Then Ms. Preston informed Lisa she was going to be paddled. You're gonna get 2 swats, Miss Haynes! At this point, I had a major lump in my throat. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was scared because I thought if I was caught watching I might be paddled myself. Also, and at the time I thought this was weird, but I had a major erection. I had no idea why I would be turned on by watching this. Then Ms. Preston took Lisa by the arm and she led her to the center of the hall. Lisa continued to plead with Ms. Preston not to paddle her. She begged for detention. She even asked to be paddled after school. Ms. Preston wasn't budging. She told Lisa to turn around and face the other way. Then she ordered Lisa to spread her legs wide then bend over and grab her ankles. Ms. Preston stood to Lisa's left and then she layed the paddle across Lisa's bottom. Even though Lisa's uniform skirt was short, it still covered her bottom. Then Ms. Preston tap the paddle twice and then brought it back and then WHAM!! The first swat landed and Lisa stood straight up, grabbed her bottom and yelled out. I had never seen anything so violent in my life. That swat had to sting. Then I heard Ms. Preston say. Miss Haynes, are you gonna keep your mouth shut from now on? Lisa responded with Yes ma'am. Then Ms. Preston said. You better or next time we'll make a trip to Mr. Scroggins office and I'll let him wear you out. One more, Miss Haynes. Bend over and grab your ankles. Then she layed the paddled across Lisa's bottom again, gave it two taps and then WHAM! Again, Lisa stood up, grabbed her bottom and yelled out. She began to cry at this point. Ms. Preston then told Lisa to go to the restroom to compose herself and then get back to class. Ms. Preston thanked Ms. Yarnell and then they both went back to their classrooms.

I was stunned from what I just witnessed. Once the coast was clear, I left the bathroom and went back to class and sat down at my desk. As I passed Ms. Preston's desk, I noticed the paddle laying on top. It was a foot long, 4 inches wide and had black electrical tape wrapped around it. I was worried that Ms. Preston was going to ask me where I had been because I had been gone for a long time, but I guess she was just too caught up in the paddling she had just administered. I remember how red Lisa's face was when she came back into the room. She kept her head down and made a bee line straight for her desk. For the rest of the class, Lisa kept her head down and didn't say a word. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I went from her bottom to her calves clad in those knee socks. I kept thinking about what I saw and I was so turned on. After class, I remember Lisa going to her locker and a couple girls surrounding her and comforting her. Later that evening, I will have to admit that I masturbated thinking about what happened. I have no idea why and to this day I still don't know why I become aroused watching a female being paddled...."

".....We had our 20-year class high school class reunion in August of 2004 and I asked Lisa about Ms. Preston and if she remembered the paddling she received. She wasn't too willing to talk about it at first, but after I kept probing her about it, she really opened up. She told me that it was the first time she had been paddled at school and how embarrassing and painful it was. She also said that she was paddled when she was a junior for skipping 7th period study hall. She said she received three swats from Mr. Scroggins. I asked her all kinds of questions about the paddlings. It was a dream conversation....."

Read the whole thing here.

and this picture is staged too: Amelia Jane Rutherford with

Karl Friedrich Gauss

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Re: Prettiest cheerleader paddled in uniform as he watched -- a true story
February 06, 2009 03:20PM
What's interesting here is how this story highlights the role of the observer -- how just witnessing something like this can be an emotionally complex experience -- one that can stay with you for 25 years. I know I've been in similar situations myself, and I know that similar stories are told by many who've since come to realize their interest in spanking.

Folks like Barbara Coloroso have also had things to say about the roles of witnesses in cases of bullying -- as in schoolyard bullying. I think she says that the witness cannot be a neutral party. If the witness does nothing, they are morally implicated in the bullying. See The Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander.

Now this is not to say that the guy who witnessed this girl being paddled in high school was in any position, given the power structures in place, to be anything but a mute witness. But still, the effect of witnessing such a deed and NOT speaking out against it, implicates him morally as a kind of passive accomplice. And the conflicting emotions around the whole experience leave what I'll call, for lack of more precise terminology, a mark on his soul.

Now he may well never have questioned the use of such punishment by his school at the time. Maybe he'd just grown up with it and accepted it. Obviously it still had an effect on him. Of course we haven't addressed the erotic component of his response and I'm just going to leave that aside for now, but I will point out that the fact she was such a pretty girl and the fact that he really liked her tied him all the more to his experience of her fate being paddled in the hallway and made the experience more profound than it would have been if it had been a guy or if it had been an unappealing girl that he didn't have much of a connection to.

I'm thinking there's some connection here with how the Mayans, or whoever, used to choose the prettiest virgins to be sacrificed to the gods. What that did was to create the strongest tie-in with the audience who was watching. They'd all love this girl and feel her loss poignantly. That made it more of a sacrifice than if they'd just chosen some bum off the street to sacrifice to the gods. Then no one would care so much and the audience fervour would not be felt in the same way.

And I'm drawing the parallel that the teacher here may have subconsciously or consciously chosen to take the opportunity to paddle this really pretty cheerleader to make an example of, to show the class, who'd all be listening closely and sharing in the during and after experience, that they really did need to behave themselves and pay attention in class. I'm saying that on some level the teacher may have been more ready to paddle a pretty girl because the whole class would then feel more involved in her punishment.

Hope I'm not weirding anybody out here with this attempt at a spankological analysis of this incident. This may not have been the "spanking fix" you came here to find.

Karl Friedrich Gauss

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Re: Prettiest cheerleader paddled in uniform as he watched -- a true story
February 06, 2009 03:50PM
May have been a case of the teacher wanting it to be known that she didn't play favorites. Cheerleaders were often at the top of the school social status structure. This teacher wanted to make sure everyone knew that no one in her class was exempt from punishment for misbehavior, din\d not matter what their standing was among their peers. She would have done the same to the class president, no doubt.
Have to say I find it incredible that corporal punishment was (and maybe is) used in schools in such recent time, especially high schools.
I attended school in a rural south community back in the late 50s and 60s. Corporal punishment was used-but not past the elementary(grades 1-7) level. Suppose the feeling was that it was improper or perhaps ineffective in the case of teenagers.
Re: Prettiest cheerleader paddled in uniform as he watched -- a true story
February 22, 2009 07:39PM
Further to the question of how likely this story is to be true, here's something from an anti-spanking site that would seem to corroborate the possible truth of this story:

Does Men Paddling Cheerleaders Bring Back “the Good Old Days?”

Once the formerly taboo behavior of men padding teen girls became acceptable, even though it was nothing more than a perverted male backlash against the gender equality in the late 70s, the floodgate of sexually charged paddlings opened in the US, just as it did in Britain. We were no longer in the “good old days” of paddling from that point on, if indeed we ever were. Most U.S. schools eventually recognized the paddling as the physical and sexual abuse it was and simply eliminated it completely over the years—especially when they considered the heightened sexual dimension of more adolescent female victims that “equality” seemed to demand. The places that continued to defend and use the paddle, however, sank deeper into perversity and brazen sex abuse. Men increasingly paddling teen girls, even legally adult 18-year-old women in the fewer places that still paddled, was a perverted twist on one of Jesus’ teachings: Those who had modesty and decency were “given more” enlightenment and eliminated paddling completely, while those who “paddled perversely” had what little modesty and decency they possessed taken from them. They sunk to ever-greater depths of adolescent sex abuse, unaware victim pornography, and sadism.

Read it all here at Southern Education.

Karl Friedrich Gauss
Re: Pretty cheerleader paddled in uniform as he watched -- a true story
February 22, 2009 09:22PM
Further to the above, while we're certainly not wanting to condone coerced or non-consensual spankings or paddlings especially of children, the author of the site referred to in the post above does bring out a lot of cultural and sociological information that sheds light on the whole psychology, history and cultural baggage of spanking -- something I'd think readers of this forum would take an interest in. I just hope the author of that site is not uncomfortable being linked to from a site where spanking is seen in a more positive light -- consensual adult spanking that is.

Karl Friedrich Gauss
Re: Pretty cheerleader paddled in uniform as he watched -- a true story
February 22, 2009 10:12PM
I have visited that site(tho not recently) and have seen it discussed on other spanking sites. Some have been of the opinion that the guy who runs the site is a closet spanko himself. Know there was some discussion about it I took part in on the World Spanking Forum chat room several years ago.
Not saying that paddling of girls never happened-but all the other data I have seen says that boys are much more likely to receive school CP. And some argue that minorities are disproportionately recipients of it.
But I don't think he ever talks about boys on his site. Isn't physical punishment of a teenage boy by a sadistic,possibly even pedophiliac, school administrator just as horrific?
But no, with him, it was always the pretty cheerleader, or the scantily clad girl athlete that he was talking about.
I might add I attended a rural southern school system myself, back in the day. Two things I can say with certainty. There was no CP in my high school. In the lower grades it did occur sometimes, but I remember it was usually boys. Teachers and the principal could both paddle- but I never heard of a girl getting paddled by our principal(a woman), not saying it never happened. Some teachers used it on occasion, or the threat of it. Others, seldom or never.. And this was in a time and place where physical discipline of children was generally accepted by adults as proper.
Methinketh he may protest too much.
Re: Pretty cheerleader paddled in uniform as he watched -- a true story
February 22, 2009 11:43PM
Hard to tease this stuff apart -- the fact and the fantasy.

Karl Friedrich Gauss
avatar Re: Pretty cheerleader paddled in uniform as he watched -- a true story
February 23, 2009 12:18AM
Another true story - perhaps....

Re: Pretty cheerleader paddled in uniform as he watched -- a true story
February 23, 2009 12:35AM
Any idea what publication printed this? Or a link?
Admit I can see how some churches like the one referred to in the story might view cheerleader uniforms. Seem to recall something I saw where soem church-affiliated school refused to play another school in athletic contest-because that school let its girls wear pants.
Re: Pretty cheerleader paddled in uniform as he watched -- a true story
February 24, 2009 04:49AM
The new story is from Nu-West's International Discipline Review, No. 5. Whether it's true or not, I have no idea.
At the risk of stating the blinking obvious, there is no doubt that spanking - especially otk, given the proximity of the genitals of both parties, and especially when accompanied by removal of clothing - has a very sexual dimension. That is why any coercive spanking is, almost by definition, sexual assault. It makes no difference whether it is carried out by relatives, religious people, or whoever. It doesn't even matter if the assailant enjoys the experience in that way; victims can be sexually abused for all sorts of reasons other than the gratification of the abuser, as Abu Grahib (arguably) showed us. The notion of a teenaged girl being treated in this way, publicly, to uphold sexual modesty, is too twisted for words, but - and I intend no offence to anyone here - the views of the Christian Right are a constant source of utter bafflement to me.

Now, fantasizing, role-playing between consenting adults, etc about such activities is of course a totally different matter. If I like playing headmaster to my partner's naughty schoolgirl, or enjoy perusing Mr Endart's delightful array of drawings on that very theme, there be no harm in it. It absolutely does not follow that I would force such tastes on an unwilling girl, nor that I would condone anyone else doing likewise. There are a whole host of reasons - morality, self-respect and enlightened self interest for starters - why we regularly draw clear lines between fantasy & real actions.

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Btw, sorry if that last post sounded preachy. I don't imagine anyone here needs me to lecture them, but I worry sometimes about how we are seen by outsiders. And I'd hate for anyone to think I'm lining up on the same side as Crazy Christian daughter-beaters. confused smiley
Re: Pretty cheerleader paddled in uniform as he watched -- a true story
February 24, 2009 06:01PM

It is an interesting point you raise in your posts. I'd say these right wing Christians, as you call them, may be among the last to hold to the idea of corporal punishment for family members. Recently read Martha Beck's excellent "Leaving the Saints" book, about her experience leaving the Mormon church after having grown up in it. She definitely gives the impression that sexual abuse in that context occurs more often than in the general populace, although it's not clear to me what dynamic is at work to cause this. She doesn't talk about spanking except in a peripheral way.

But of course who knows what practices go on behind the doors of fundamental Islamists? The book "Reading Lolita in Tehran" told how beautiful girls in prison for crimes against morality (i.e not dressing right) could find themselves subjected to repeated rapes and such from their jailers. So it seems that repressive "religious" regimes of more than one kind can lead to abuse of children in the name of morality.

Have we offended everybody yet?

Of course, what we're about here is the consensual stuff, as DrG so rightly points out.

Karl Friedrich Gauss

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'Have we offended everybody yet? 'winking smiley The evening is yet young, Karl!
avatar Re: Pretty cheerleader paddled in uniform as he watched -- a true story
February 24, 2009 11:28PM
DrG wrote:

the views of the Christian Right are a constant source of utter bafflement to me.

It might be a good idea to specify WHICH "views of the Christian Right" baffle you. I happen to be a practicing Christian, and on election day I usually (not always) vote for candidates and resolutions that may be considered "right wing." But I am, and remain, a devotee of consensual spankings, and since you mention that the OTK position has "a sexual dimension," I agree that it does... but NOT that it constitutes "almost by definition, sexual assault."

An over-the-knee spanking between consenting adults is pleasant, stimulating, and harmless, as long as that is as far as you go with it. Of course I realize that some folks take it a step (or two) further, but that is an entirely different matter. The OTK part is AOK with this conservative Christian.


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Re: Pretty cheerleader paddled in uniform as he watched -- a true story
February 24, 2009 11:44PM
The whole question of the propriety of spanking children is a big one, and I sense it's one we're getting into with this discussion. I'm not prepared to say that it's in all cases wrong nor am I ready to advocate it as the way to go. Neither do I think the practice should be criminalized as seems to be the trend in many jurisdictions nowadays.

I think that what's happening on the wider cultural scene is that, as with words, usage establishes meaning. So with spanking, my cultural theory is something like: "The more spanking is used as a form of sex play between adults, the less it 'means' what it used to -- as in a punishment for children". Now I realize this is a stretch. But my feeling is that something like this is in fact going on as more people recognize and embrace the sexual dimension of spanking and use it as a means of sexual expression.

From one point of view you could say we're beating swords into ploughshares -- taking a practice that was used for social control and using it for fun. Or from another POV you could say we're taking away what had been a long-standing tool of parenting and thereby leaving parents defenseless against a generation of little tyrants. Take your pick.

Karl Friedrich Gauss
Re: Pretty cheerleader paddled in uniform as he watched -- a true story
February 24, 2009 11:59PM
Further to this, I think what DrG was referring to was the page PhilK posted an image of here (a few posts up on this thread).

There we have a teen being publicly spanked on her panties by her father in view of her peers. I don't know many advocates of spanking children who would go so far as to try to justify such a scenario. Still I bet there are people who would still do this, and try to justify it on "religious" grounds -- not that we'd want to tar all religious people with that brush, though. Heaven knows there's also a lot of good done in the name of religion.

The sort of thing depicted on that page would really have to be considered "the deep end" of parental spanking. It would be a place that most people would consider highly problematic on a moral level, to say the least.

Karl Friedrich Gauss
Hi Dan,

'It might be a good idea to specify WHICH "views of the Christian Right" baffle you.'

Happy to, but I suspect this may not be the place. confused smiley I brought up the subject of religion simply because it was offered as a justification by someone who assaulted his teenaged daughter. This is far from an unusual occurence - I could cite numerous recent examples from the UK alone. But I'm not, of course, claiming that all, or even most Christians support this sort of behaviour, and I'm sorry if I gave that impression.

'But I am, and remain, a devotee of consensual spankings, and since you mention that the OTK position has "a sexual dimension," I agree that it does... but NOT that it constitutes "almost by definition, sexual assault."'

Sorry again, but I hoped I'd made it clear that I was talking about non-consensual otk.

Karl, that is a pretty sophisticated analyis, IMO. thumbs up My own view is that CP teaches children little other than that the stronger party can force the weaker to his/her will, but I'm not claiming that every parent who has ever raised a hand in anger is equivalent - legally or morally - to a child sex abuser. Certainly not! But ... the use of quasi-sexual humiliation to punish a child or adolescent - as otk spanking necessarily involves, especially when removing of clothing is involved - is really, deeply problematic behaviour.
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