Zille and Pandora write about their 'really hard' spankings
Posted by KFGauss 
Zille and Pandora write about their 'really hard' spankings
January 21, 2009 05:52PM
Perhaps this is part of the answer to that age-old question of "how do you punish a girl who gets off on being spanked?". Or maybe it's more complicated than that -- a deeper level of 'play', a more profound 'exchange of power', a plumbing of the depths of torment and suffering, a new mode of 'hacking the body' in search of more extreme levels of stimulation, sensation, and -- dare we say it -- pleasure.

First here's Zille:

"...He informed me that as I had three black marks in the punishment book, my punishment would be tripartite: two sets of ten from the paddle, and because the last infraction was not too grievous, a final set from the cane. Well, I’d been feeling kind of horny up until that point, but faced with twenty from the paddle, that ended right quick!..."

"...I thought the paddling would provide a “warm up” (as it were) and then I could take the cane strokes like a champ. But sadly, no: no championship caneé awards to be given out for this performance! All I knew was that he’d gone and gotten one of the seldom used canes (a bad sign — none of them are nice!), and was hitting me with something that left a deep and sustained stripe of agony – this wasn’t even the classic hit-then-pain-comes-up thing, this was pain-starts-on-impact-and-doesn’t-go-away...."

"....But, while my body and rational self are voting for “occasionally,” my fantasies are all about exactly what makes his cock so hard: being beaten past my point of self-control, past the point where as a masochist I can enjoy it, to just pure mindless pain. The intensity of it is intoxicating — and addicting! That’s what I think about when I masturbate...."

Read Zille's entire report here.

And click here to see a picture of the results

And now Pandora's experience:

"....Two long days of punishment, incorporating the famous whipping machine, falaka, breast whipping and much more back whipping than I'm used to, and culminating in the hardest cold caning of my life. 35 strokes, the last three of which were the infamous "very hard" option, which is in no way an exaggeration. My bottom is a delightfully gruesome sight, particularly the bloody welt from the last stroke which landed a clear inch above the rest, and was possibly the hardest stroke of all...."

".....It's strange. The caning itself was an extreme, amazing experience. I felt pushed absolutely to my limits as an actress and a masochist. I can't remember ever screaming that intensely before. There was no space for moderating my responses; I got myself into character and from there it was pretty much completely involuntary. And at the time, it wasn't erotic. Not in the way the breast whipping the day before had been erotic, twisting my hips and pressing my thighs together to try to disguise my arousal. I didn't even think to notice whether or not I was wet after the caning. The experience transcended lust.

And yet ... even though the dull ache as I sit is more exhausting than erotic, even though I'm still short of sleep after the last two days and desperately looking forward to the weekend, even though I'm distracted by work ... when my memory flicks back to the caning, which I haven't really started to emotionally process yet, my body responds with an involuntary flicker of heat. I may not have been aroused at the time, but the whole experience of it was sexually charged, if only because of how frightened I was, and the memory of it is definitely hot. I imagine that as I achieve more distance from the event I'll find the memories even hotter. If anything, the continued dull pain of the bruising is inhibiting my arousal rather than contributing to it...."

Pandora has several posts about this experience. The excerpts above are from this one.
And more about the aftermath. And be sure to read Ludwig's comments for the full exegesis.

I'm not sure what this all means, and I wasn't even a big fan of "the Story of O"; I found it rather extreme for my tastes. But somehow I have the feeling that these young ladies are doing important research -- sort of like civilizing a little more of the wilderland -- and that it's worthy of note!

Karl Friedrich Gauss

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Re: Zille and Pandora write about their 'really hard' spankings
January 21, 2009 09:13PM
Pandora's bottom 3 days after:

Karl Friedrich Gauss
avatar Re: Zille and Pandora write about their 'really hard' spankings
January 22, 2009 01:05AM
Definitely too extreme for my tastes. I always make a point of not causing bruises, let alone breaking the skin. What I like to create is a rich, deep all-over redness, nice and even in colour. And several of those strokes, in my opinion, have gone way too high. My rule-of-thumb is 'never above the top of the bottom-crack'. Higher than that and there's a risk of kidney damage.
Re: Zille and Pandora write about their 'really hard' spankings
January 22, 2009 04:13PM
I've often thought that spanking is part of a continuum, beginning with let's say, teasing and going all the way to unspeakable tortures.

What I hear you saying, Phil, is that what you describe is, for you, the sweet spot on that continuum. And I think that would also be the case for most of us here. But that's not to say some folks like Zille and Pandora might not want to push the envelope some, to see how far they can take it. Different strokes, as they say.

Karl Friedrich Gauss
Re: Zille and Pandora write about their 'really hard' spankings
January 25, 2009 04:52PM
If a picture is worth a thousand words Pandora, those photo's of your severe caning are most erotic. Although I would have liked you to wear a suspender-belt, and stockings, because those lingerie items would have for me enhanced the photo greatly.
Re: Zille and Pandora write about their 'really hard' spankings
January 27, 2009 05:22PM
Here's a better picture of Zille's aged and renewed after-effects.

Top marks for you Zille!

Karl Friedrich Gauss
Re: Zille and Pandora write about their 'really hard' spankings
January 28, 2009 08:53PM
Thank you, Karl! Most appreciated! smiling smiley

PhilK -- I love a good bottom reddening, myself! I've actually just put in a request for one with my Master, after two very intense scenes (a real punishment, and then a very profound scene) that have left me a bit emotionally worn out.

I end up with marks, bruises, and the occasional skin breakage (though that is mostly from birching, and you don't even have to birch too hard to end up with some droplets of blood!) for two reasons:

  1. My Master loves the cane, and has taught me to love the cane. A traditional application of the cane will leave weals -- that's just how it is! So there is seldom a time we come out of a scene that I don't have at least six stripes across my bottom.
  2. I am a true masochist, and so giving a bottom-warming spanking will simply not be a punishment for me (especially as I have been known to orgasm from spankings -- really sending the wrong message, there, if you don't want me to do something again!) My Master can take me over his lap for a spanking session that we both enjoy, and leaves my bot only red and hot, with no marks ever telling the tale ... but that does not count for punishment, and I am in a situation where if I mess up, I will be punished for it. (Note that I desperately want and need this discipline!)

Everyone has their turn-ons, and seldom are two people's the same. A spanking has always been a turn-on for me, from earliest childhood, but as I experience more and more of them, I must admit my own fantasies are getting increasingly more intense!


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