Wrestling spankings
Posted by Chross 
Wrestling spankings
January 06, 2009 06:47PM
A place ot discuss and report new spankings in the World of Wrestling.

There used to be an extensive list of wrestling spankings on the old SFR board

I wonder if anyone saved it?

Re: Wrestling spankings
January 06, 2009 07:28PM
Re: Wrestling spankings
January 12, 2009 08:17AM
Snitsky's Fault was the poster who had the extensive list in the original thread. I was a large contributor to that thread, and hopefully I can still find some new stuff for here.

I'm happy to say that I finally found the match where Ariel gets caned on the ass, you could see the part where she got caned before, but now I have the full match so you can see the aftermath of her rubbing her butt and taunting her opponents after the match! I know many here don't really care about that part, but I do!

Here is the small snippet of her getting caned:

And here is the full match:


The spank happens at about 3:48, and you can watch her rub her ass until 5:22!

I have a lot of wrestling clips saved, when I have time I will try to post links on here for everyone.

And like I said, if Snitsky's Fault finds this forum, I'm sure he will be more than happy to contribute!
Re: Wrestling spankings
January 12, 2009 09:19AM
Here is a paddle on a pole match between nidia and torrie.


Torrie Wilson spanks Dawn Maria at 5:00


Torrie Wilson lands a nice smack on Dawn Marie's ass at 7:18, then spanks Nidia at 8:30

Haven't seen this one before, Jamie Noble lands a light pat/slap on Nidia at the end of this clip

Nidia was really great for spankings in wwe. First off, she had an AMAZING ass, and she got spanked a lot. One of the best wrestling spankings I've ever seen was when she got spanked in a bikini by Torrie, while Billy Gunn held her hands so she couldn't get away. Sadly, I haven't been able to find this online to share with everyone. Here are pics from the match:


Even when she would walk to the ring with her man Jamie Noble (meaning everyone one of their matches) Jamie Noble would spin her and smack her on the ass, with her jumping a little. Either that, or she would jump out of the way, while rubbing her butt and shaking her finger at him like, "you have to stop that, it hurts!". This happened literally every match, nothing that important, but still nice.

Molly Holly gets a nice smack from Bubba Ray Dudley

Tammy Lynn Sytch gets spanked on her bare ass

Here's a link to 19 random wrestling spankings


Torrie paddles Trish in a paddle on a pole match

Major gunns gets a nice spanking

Bubba Ray smacks Angel at 7:58

Re: Wrestling spankings
January 20, 2009 03:20PM
My favorite WWE spanking is probably the one Stephanie McMahon gave Trish when she pulled down her shorts and spanked Trish on her bare bottom,Trish's thong giving no coverage. I have it on the WWE Diva DVD Tropical Pleasure.
Several of the other spankings mentioned here are on one or another of those the Diva DVDs that used to appear annually-has not been one in awhile.
Spankings have pretty much vanished from televised WWE shows, though I hear they still occur at house shows.My favorites were the paddle on a pole matches. I've seen that one where Torrie paddles Trish-but it would have been so much better if Trish had been wearing a thong instead of of those thick-looking black full-length pants. Of course Trish did give Stacy Keibler a couple whacks after winning a paddle on a pole/bra and panties match.
But I think its too bad that Lita never got a spanking, after she turned heel,from either a male wrestler or a female. The way she strutted around the ring with her thong showing, just begged for her to get spanked,by either Matt Hardy or John Cena, or by Trish.
Then there is Womens Extreme Wrestling which from time to time features some spanks(as well as all the raunch imaginable). The names of some of their girls, like GI Ho,Tai "Killer" Weed, Pussy Willow were alone enough earn them a paddling.
Of course the most thorough honest to goodness real spanking was the one Lizzie Borden gave Major Gunn. A closeup of her bottom showed that while pro wrestling may be "fake", that spanking wasn't. No pro spanking model could have done any better.
Re: Wrestling spankings
June 22, 2009 07:58AM
Thanks for that list, J.

Of late there were a couple of matches between the luscious Amber O' Neal (35) and the gorgeous Daffney (33), both were loser gets spanked submission matches, the first ended with both the referee Krissy Vaine and Daffney giving the loser Amber a vicious spanking otk. There was a revenge match, where Amber turned the tables and gave both krissy and Daffney spankings. These were more organized spankings as opposed to the normal few whacks that happen in almost all indy wrestling matches. If someone can find/upload a free video of the spankings, it'd be great. I've been unsuccessful so far.

Re: Wrestling spankings
June 22, 2009 11:48AM
I am Snitsky's fault, btw. Unfortunately, I don't have that list saved, the only place I had that saved was that thread on that forum sad smiley
Seems as though there have been NO spankings at all on mainstream wrestling shows since the sfr forum folded up. We have to make do with these..
Re: Wrestling spankings
August 28, 2009 02:16AM
this forum seems pretty dead but ill make a post anyways. There was velvet sky getting spanked by deaner on youtube and the link is

Re: Wrestling spankings
August 28, 2009 07:06AM
Re: Wrestling spankings
August 28, 2009 06:01PM
ok and if you check the guy's profile who posted it hes got plenty more good spankings and it seems like he loads new ones when he gets the chance to.
its www.youtube.com/spankwrestler
Re: Wrestling spankings
September 04, 2009 02:07AM
Torrie Wilson getting spanked in thong towards end of this clip

Re: Wrestling spankings
October 06, 2009 04:26AM
Here's one from youtube, a house show it looks like.

There is another compilation here...


I remember there being a whole series of wrestling spanking compiliations called like WWE Divas Spanked 1 2 and 3 or something similar to that...anyone able to dig that up?

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Re: Wrestling spankings
December 29, 2009 05:56AM
theres a whole lot of compilations on youtube for now:


probably about 6 different compilations posted by them
Re: Wrestling spankings
January 09, 2010 04:10PM
Re: Wrestling spankings
January 15, 2010 08:15AM
I think I found a copy of wrasslin fan's list (or a new one) on a group:

Here's a list I've had for a while, and just updated..WWE is after
all the most watched wrestling fed, so these are the scenes that
really matter, that everyone watches..on TV.

WWE Televised spankings ONLY

caned by Sandman- bent over

spanked by Torrie-all fours

paddled by Torrie-bent over

spanked by Stacy- all fours
spanked by Joy- standing
smacked by some diva hopeful -standing

spanked by Lita -bent over

smacked by Torrie- climbing ropes

spanked by some Tough Enough guy-lying down

spanked by Edge-otk

smacked by Ashley- bent over

spanked by Dreamer-otk

smacked by Ashley- standing

spanked by another diva hopeful-standing
spanked by all the divas-bent over

whipped by Trish-lying down

spanked by Chavo-otk

spanked by Test- otk

spanked by Candice and Torrie-lying down
spanked by Lita-allfours, lying down
smacked by Cena-standing

smacked by Mickie-all fours

smacked by Bubba Dudley-standing
smacked by Jericho-standing

spanked by Torrie-otk
spanked by Torrie-bent over ropes
smacked by Scott Steiner-standing
spanked by Scott Steiner-bent over
spanked by Hurricane-bent over

spanked and caned by Andre-bent over
spanked by Andre-bent over
beaten with yardtick by Piper-standing

smacked by Ivory-in the air

spanked by Torrie-rolled up
spanked by Show-otk
smacked by Bradshaw-standing
kicked by Tajiri-standing
smacked by Jeff-standing
belted by Sarge-otk
spanked by Trish-standing, bent over
spanked by Terri-bent over
paddled by Trish-all fours
spanked by Torrie-rolled up
spanked by Torrie -bent over
smacked by Jeff-standing

strapped by Trish-all fours, bent over
smacked by Cena- bending

spanked by Stacy Carter-all fours
spanked by Blackman- otk
spanked by Blackman -otk
smacked by Goldust-standing
smacked by Jacqueline-bent over

whipped by Stacy-all fours
paddled by Nidia -all fours
paddled by Candice-bent over, all fours

spanked by Steph-allfours, lying down
whipped by Jacqueline- all fours, lying down
paddled by Torrie- all fours
whipped by Lita- bent over, all fours
whipped by Steph- all fours
spanked by Jericho-otk
spanked by Jericho-otk
spanked by Jericho-otk
smacked by Christian-standing
smacked by Viscera
smacked by Mickie-standing

smacked by Carlito-standing
spanked by Mickie- bent over
Re: Wrestling spankings
January 15, 2010 08:52AM
Melina is super hot, but unfortunately wwe doesn't seem to really do spankings anymore. Anyway, here are some pics from some house shows:



Here she is spanked and rubs her bottom at the beginning of this clip at a house show:

Here she gets spanked at 4:30:

I was positive I posted this before, but I guess I hadn't. Mickie James lands a nice smack at 2:50.

Notice Victoria rub her own butt in sympathy because she got spanked by Mickie the week before:

Re: Wrestling spankings
January 15, 2010 09:14AM
I was sure I posted this as well, but I guess I didn't. Anyway, here is the Trish Stratus / Jacqueline story in it's entirety.

Back in the day when wrestling was good, Trish asked Vince for a spanking:

Well, this pisses off Vince's daughter a lot, and the next week she announces that Trish (who at this time was only seen as a diva, not a competitive wrestler) will face mean wrestler Jacqueline in a spanking match. (video clip missing). Trish gets ready before the match:

Trish gets her butt whooped:

Now here is my favorite part, and what I couldn't find online for forever. Trish rubbing her sore butt in pain while talking to Kurt Angle. Love the jump in pain when Kurt touches her booty:

Trish gets spanked again when she faces Steph in a grudge match at No Way Out. This was a good match, Trish gets spanked at 1:25 during part 2:

Trish would go on to get revenge on Steph in a strap match. Steph gets strapped on the butt during the end of the match, but they actually strapped each other's asses throughout the whole match:

Steph would get smacked on the ass again by John Cena, but I don't think anything after that:

Trish would go on to get spanked again and again like divas should.
Re: Wrestling spankings
January 15, 2010 09:22AM
Anyone ever seen ECW, When Worlds Collide ppv? Apparently there was a spanking/caning on it:

"> A Few years back there was a Match in ECW where Woman had teamed up
> the Sandman against Sandman's estranged wife Sunshine and another
> wrestler. The loser of the match was supposed to be caned by the
> winner. Sunshine pinned Sandman and was going to get to cane him.
> Sunshine's partner held Sandman, his wife pulled his pants down and
> getting ready to cane his bare butt when Sunshine's partner was
> out by Woman I think but I dont remember how. Then Sandman held
> while Woman grabbed the cane used it on Sunshine's behind. During
> match (in typical ECW style of revealing clothing) Sunshine was
> a pair of blue jeans that were ripped in several places revealing
> very hot butt which bore a few red marks when she was carried from
> ring crying and rubbing it.

One small correction: Lori Fullington's ring name was Peaches.

-- bostnbob"

^^He was wrong the girl caned was named Peaches, looks like it happened at this ppv:

"I've just done a bit of searching around and I think it may have
taken place at the 'WHEN WORLD'S COLLIDE' event in 1994!

It states at http://www.softwolves.pp.se/wrestling/ that there
was a "Singapore Cane Match: Tommy Cairo & Peaches def. Sandman &

I got this from the spankingise yahoo group, a good resource. It's mostly pictures of different wrestling women (more than I've ever heard of) getting spanked. I forgot about this group. If anyone wants to check them out here are some links:




Re: Wrestling spankings
January 22, 2010 09:55AM
Someone finally posted the Nidia spanking I've been looking for forever on youtube. Got this off of Spankingise:

Here's some TNA spankings from there as well:

ODB spanked Tara/Victoria at the 6:40 mark at last Sunday's PPV. 1 hard smack. http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=P6-dpOETCS4

This match is posted in 2 parts at the end ODB gives Angeliva Love about 10 hard spanks while Roxxi Leveaux holds her over the ropes.
http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=9d3ysSXvCdU

At the beginning ODB then gives Roxxi 3 hard smacks,
http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=ocsukHSJDZ0& feature=related
Re: Wrestling spankings
January 23, 2010 09:59PM
Another one from Spankingise. Daffney gets a nice smack at 50seconds. Talia gets spanked at the end:

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