Women Spanking Women
Posted by Tanner 
Women Spanking Women
January 20, 2009 02:59PM
A couple things people mentioned here, first about the unlikeliness of Lara Croft being spanked by a man, and the wife referred to who was horrified by the idea of her being overpowered and spanked by another woman, gave me an idea for a thread.
How about some of these strong women being spanked by another woman, or the spanking another woman themselves.
I have seen a panel from a Wonder Woman comic where she spanks a female villain, and a drawing of her spanking Wonder Girl, as well as ones where she gets spanked,in one by her mother, another barebottom by Superman!
How about on Xena Warrior Princess in one of her fights with arch-villainess Callisto Xena upends her and gives her a sound spanking in front of her warriors, maybe with flat of her sword. That would have added a whole new dimension to the relationship between the pair. I did once read a piece of fanfiction where she spanked her companion Gabrielle .
As for who could spank Xena,my choice would be the woman who played her mother.The two did have mother/daughter issues. There is something totally delicious and delightful,imagining the mighty Warrior Princess getting turned over her Mama's knee for a session with the hairbrush. Or being marched held by her ear to the woodshed and getting stripes from a switch on her naked thighs her short leather skirt lifted and the seat of her little tight trunks about to get lashed(before they were lowered for her bare bottom to get switched). And Xena accepting it for the worry and sorrow she caused her mother.
Have also seen spankings in Batman comics. Too bad Halle Berry didn't get spanked in Catwoman-would certainly have improved the movie.
Catfight sites are another possibility-would not be surprised to find spanking action were one to spend time checking them out. Maybe someone here is knowledgeable about that scene.
Of course women wrestlers and spanking is a topic in itself,something for a whole other post.
As for other comic,TV characters,etc- There are Vampirella,Red Sonja,Buffy,the girls from Charmed,etc. Also occurs to me that the woman who played Hercules wife in that show, Tawny Kitaen, needs a spanking in real life from reading about some of the things she has done and the trouble she has been in.
Re: Women Spanking Women
January 20, 2009 04:24PM
There was a comment posted somewhere implying that F/F spankings are something that appeals to a primarily male audience, with the philosophy being "the more girls the better". Is this true or do women enjoy watching this sort of thing as well?

Karl Friedrich Gauss
Re: Women Spanking Women
January 20, 2009 08:10PM
There was a mainstream movie from the fifties or so , probably British made, a Robin Hood type yarn where a village woman lures Robin Hood into a trap by having him come for dinner. Luckily, he escapes, but when the Maid Marion type character hears of the subterfuge, she jumps on her horse and off she goes. Robin and his men follow behind.

The next scene shows the Marion character leaving the house. She states "There, I feel better!", the scene switches to the back entrance of the house, the traitorous women walks out sniffling, and puts a single hand back to her bottom.

It's kind of a weak scene and a strong one at the same time! If you use your imagination, it says so much. If you blink, however, you miss whatever the director was trying to convey!

I wish I could think of the name of it, but my mind is really getting fried in my later years. Guess all that alchohol in college is finally catching up with me!!!(lol)

As for women spanking women, I would compare it to a menage, like, what could be bad with that??/ (lol)

I saw a TV show , a private detective type wher his secretary gets captured. She'd being held in some foreign type prison by this big bully-dyke type woman. The pretty secretary refuses to eat. The guard states, let me take care of her, she'll eat. Then the story goes on. Not another reference to her eating.

My mind did somersaults for the next fifteen minutes. unbelieveably, the secretary turns the tables on the guard and with her boss's help, of course, she escapes.

I still lose my breath just thinking about what did or could have transpired to get the secretary to eat! But, alas, this is american television. Which so often means, NO Vision!

Re: Women Spanking Women
January 21, 2009 04:17AM
The film you're thinking of is "Captain Scarlett," starring Richard Greene, who of course played Robin Hood on TV. The spanker was Leonora Amar and the spankee Isabel del Puerto.
Re: Women Spanking Women
January 21, 2009 10:20AM
Dear js666,

Thanks! It would have taken me a month to find my copy and figure out it's name. Thanks, again!

Re: Women Spanking Women
January 21, 2009 05:54PM
Wanted to reply to the query about who F/F spankings appeal to. Yes, to a lot of men-but then I have seen complaints from men who complain there is too much F/F on some site they visit. And I am sure they appeal to some women too,and not necessarily only lesbians. I am sure many straight women would enjoy watching a scene where a girl who tries to steal a husband or boyfriend gets her bottom tanned by the offended party.
Them there is the common theory that straight men will watch "lesbian" porn(spankings or not), but will not watch gay male porn.
I wonder whether F/M spanking appeals more to men(male subs or switches), or to women.
One thing I have noticed in visiting many spanking sites. A site may have M/F, F/F and F/M, but little or no M/M. That seems to fall into a category all its own. I am speaking of to name a few sites like SpankingInternet(SIN), RealSpankings,etc. Might well be that most of the men who visit these sites are straight, and are uncomfortable or uninterested in the possible sexual implications of M/M/. Also notice there are lot of spanking stories with the daddy/daughter theme(one I don't care for)-but few daddy/son even where the theme is pure discipline and no sexual component is present. Kind of clashes with r/l , where it was more likely Dad took Junior to the woodshed than he did Junior's sister.
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January 22, 2009 05:19AM
I'm sure there are some straight males who enjoy F/F spankings, but I'm not one of them. (Er, I mean I'm a straight male, just not a fan of F/F.)

IMHO, scenes of women spanking women may have a humorous side to them, but that's all they are: humorous. Not arousing in the least.

The origins of media spankings -- the ones we saw from the Golden Age of the movies, back on our old b&w TV sets -- were all about men spanking women. Those are the ones that first turned me on. Scenes like the ones from There's Magic in Music (1941), Frontier Gal (1945), and Captain Lightfoot (1955) were the genesis of our fascinating hobby... or, at least, mine.

Of course, years later I learned -- after finding the spanking "scene" and the Internet -- that such scenes existed way before the films that first brought them to us. They appeared in silent movies (Girl Crazy [1924], Her Big Night [1926]) and even in early talkies, like the whimsical Cowcatcher's Daughter (1931). All these scenes, and hundreds more, feature men spanking women. Truth be told, the ladies in the audience loved them as much as the men did. Maybe more.

So, M/F spankings have been my passion since I was a child, and a guilty passion at that. But in the past thirty (30) years there has been a virtual explosion of availability of these "guilty" pictures, by virtue of the men and women who run the spanking magazines and web sites.

F/F may, or may not, be a latecomer to the party. But in my humble op, it's a poor imitation of the real thing.


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Re: Women Spanking Women
January 22, 2009 05:11PM
Ah ,true what they say about different strokes.... Nice little thumbnail history of movie spankings, that.
On the other hand, while predominantly F/F,not totally. Name of the movie escapes me but have heard of a movie from that 'golden age' where a woman spanked another onscreen. And while not really relevant to this discussion, occasionally M/M spankings occurred in old westerns,with a comic flavor.
As for TV, recall an F/F spanking threat on "Bewitched" and read about a spanking that Granny of the Beverly Hillbillies gave a misbehaving young ladies. Of course that show id most famous for all the spanking threats directed at Jethro by Granny. There was one M/F spanking I recall, though it was not actually shown. Mr. Drysdale spanked his shrewish wife. On hearing her yelps. the secretary Miss Hathaway remarked " I do believe he's paddling her."
It all depends on the plot. Certainly seeing a scheming, conniving female getting her just desserts from another woman she has injured is a great storyline. And there are others.
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