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NameDescription RatingPictureClip
1000 ways to die A sorority paddling for the pledges on "1000 ways to die" (Spike), episode: Stupid is as Stupid Dies. click click

 6 Kadrov
Russian comedy sketch show. Irina Medvedev receives smacks on two occasions. click click
A birthday spanking for Traci Lords from Swedish Erotica 60 (Student Bodies). Spanker is Tom Byron. click click
A fairy flogs a wench in front of a pirate from the Internet TV Show "Bad Ass Frank". Pretty hard, too. click click
A Girl´s Guide to 21st Century Sex This is part of a British documentary dealing with erotic spankings.

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A good birthday spanking A clip that was called "Dizzy Coyotes birthday present". click click
A long birthday spanking Just what the title says. They even go on after the numbert is reached. She does not seem to mind. click click
A naughty fairytale A video clip by Ellen von Unwerth for Vs. magazine with a heavy spanking theme to it. click click
Agent Provocateur The agentprovocateur website (lingerie company) featured this story about the life of two maids in 2008. click click
Alexis Laree (aka Mickie James) spanked by Ron Killings In a TNAW matchup the girl who was to become WWE Women's Champion as Mickie James is spanked by Ron Killings.

Another picture of Mickie James spanked: click
click click
Amanda, Angelina & Alison and a Dominatrix from the Preston and Steve (a radio show?) Hottie Cam. Three girls spanked by a female domme. click click
Amish daughters In this XXX production from 2001 Melissa West is given a good spanking. click click
Amy Ried The porn starlet gets spanked on a show called "Interview with a porn star". click click
Aqua - My Oh My In the 1998 music video "My Oh My" by the Scandinavian fun combo Aqua (mostly known for their Barbie Girl song) singer Lene Nystrom is tied to the main mast and whipped.

click here if you are located in Germany
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Ariel is caned by the Sandman one hit, but a good one. click click
Ariel spanked by Damien Sandow A Christmas clip - Ariel gets spanked; other girl is Beth Phoenix. click click
Armand van Helden - Hear My Name This great music video not only contains spanking - it consists 100% of spanking. click click
Asa Sjoberg spanked From SpankStatement:
Her name is Asa Sjoberg, the show was called "Prat om sex" (Sextalk) and the guest who beat her was an (in)famous Danish priest/minister called Ingrid Monsen who was well known for three things: She was a lesbian.
She was into S&M. She lived - at the time - with an eighteen-year-old schoolgirl. In the clip, she says that she beats her girlfriend with a carpetbeater and "there are days when she has a hard time sitting at school."
click click
Attack of the Show On the G4 show Attack of the Show Sara Underwood spanks host Candace Bailey. click click
Axe - Muchas Maracas Commercial from summer 2009 - some ass slapping going on, "Germany's next topmodel" contestant Fiona Erdmann included. click click
Bare Butt Birthday Spanking MF, just what the title says :) click click
BB 5 UK: Becki Seddiki and Shell Jubin On Big Brother Season 5 (UK) inhabitants Becki Seddiki and Shell Jubin are spanked live on TV. click click
Be Your Own Pet In this YouTube promotion clip for their new album, singer Jemina Pearl Abegg is spanked by the Rollergirl team "Damsels of Distress". click click
Bethenny Actress Holly Robinson Peete gets two smacks witgh a riding crop by host Bethenny Frankel on her talk show while discussing spanking and "50 shades of grey" click click
Bettie Page An hommage to Bettie Page. click click
Big Brother (German) Eddy spanks Kathrin. click click
Big Brother 9 - Ryan slippers Chelsea US BB 9 - some smacks are delivered on the bare. click click
Big Brother Sweden/Norway 2006 Jessica spanked by John.
click click
Big Brother UK 2009 Noirin decided to line her housemates up and assess their outfits. She told Lisa that her breasts resembled peanuts and ordered Freddie to smack her bottom 20 times with a whip. click click
Big Brother UK 2010 Having fun with a riding crop. Corin spanks Dave, then Dave gets to deliver one swat that seems to sting. click click
BigBrother Germany Season 8 Isi gets spanked while carried on the back of another contestant. click click
Birthday Spanking in Handcuffs Her friends take no risks and handcuff her before starting the spanking on her 18th birthday. click click
Black Wife Getting A Spanking Some serious whacks with a friend of him filming the action. click click
Blickfang Po This is a documentary from German / French TV station "Arte".
Its German title means something like "The bottom - an eyecatcher". The documentary dealt with the fascination of a certain body part and all sorts of fetishes
related to it. It also included a small segment on spanking.
click click
Blonde in Black Silk Scene from the 1979 porn movie Blonde in Black Silk
Spankee: Arcadia Lake, Spanker Eric Edwards
click click
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai or: Haganai: I Don´t Have Many Friends. From the second season of this anime (Next!). Sena tells Kodaka how she was spanked by her father Pegasus. click click
Boobs in the Wood From the 1999 live show "Boobs in the Wood", a Robin Hood persiflage. click click
Booty Patrol: Spank or Squeeze Asking the women on the street if they prefer to have their booty spanked, squeezed or caressed. click click
Bree Olson spanked ... .. on the Howard Stern Show. Bree Olson is a porn actress and Penthouse Pet who received some attention while living with Charlie Sheen for a while. click click
Britain's got more talent This audition could be seen on Britain’s Got More Talent, a show aimed at the family audience, in 2010.
A pair calling themselves High Shakespeare perform an act in which a woman quotes from the Bard as she is spanked across the knee of her male co-star.

Here is another video of the artists performing in a late night comedy club.
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Buttocks A short movie by Ruth Hogben giving a great look at spanking in slow motion. click click
Camille Crimson spanked Porn model and webmaster Camille Crimson published this litte "lesson" at her web site in 2010. She had this to say about it: As it turns out, I have a pretty low tolerance for pain and I make lots of sad little noises when I get spanked. click click
Candice Michelle vs Torrie Wilson A nice scene in which both ladies feel the paddle click click
Candid Camera An East-European TV show with a hidden camera - what a surprise for the guests that the clumsy waitress is spanked at their table! click click
Caprice planky spanked This comes from a short-lived breakfast time show called RISE in 2003. The Jackass movie was all the rage at the time, and a regular slot called Team Squirrel had famous model Caprice and 5 guys performing painful or humiliating stunts for the cameras. click click
Casa dos Segredos 3 or "Secret Story 3". A TV show from Portugal, similar to Big Brother.
And a good consensual spanking.
click click
Caught in the act In this German XXX movie (70ies or 80ies) by Color Climax an employee is caught stealing a ring and spanked by the boss. click click
Charlotte, mouille sa culotte! This is a French porn movie which features a rather lenghty double spanking at the very end of it.

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Chelsea Handler spanked by Akon ...on her show because she asked for it! (~ 3.30) click click
Chinese - a flexible paddle ...and a pretty girl spanked with it. click click
Chinese - a paddling in the streets Two girls are paddled right on the spot after apparantly some sort of misdemeanor is discovered by a powerful lady. click click
Chinese - a slippering A girl gets a good spanking with a slipper. click click
Chinese - a strict mistress A servant (?) is birched on behalf of her mistress who is watching the scene. click click
Chinese - birching his girlfriend just what the title says - confronted with some interfering persons the girl doesn´t seem to mind the spanking at all.
click click

 Chinese - bloody knife
Not quite sure what is going on, but a girl in yellow receives a good paddling while lying on a bench. click click
Chinese - Burning Hair Setting fire to the hair of your master is not a good idea. click click
Chinese - Cute and Cheeky Cute girl gets a paddling for talking back. click click
Chinese - Gambling Honey I lost 4.000 $ again is not a good line to come home with, even if you're drunk. click click
Chinese - Golden Bowl Another paddling while the mistress watches and plays with a golden bowl. click click
Chinese - long punishment After some discussion this girl receives a rather long paddling punishment. click click
Chinese - Nuts A rather mad spanker. click click
Chinese - paddled till she passes out She obviously forgot her safe word. click click
Chinese - Painful Interference Now heres a guy that´s really upset. It doesn´t really do him any good or save the girl from being paddled, however. click click
Chinese - sentenced to a paddling A girl is scolded by an older woman, then gets paddled by two other women. click click
Chinese - Spanked with a duster Asian spanking scene, domestic setting. click click
Chinese - Throwing Things click click
Chinese - Two Sisters typical judicial paddling with one girl interfering and successfully stopping the punishment click click
Chinese - Whip Them Both A man and a woman get paddled while others watch click click
Chinese - Young and Old Alike click click
Chinese 1 Judicial punishment in old China - 2 female victims click click
Chinese Gameshow - Black Hand Two pretty girls are spanked on this gameshow click click

 Chinese Gameshow II
More pretty girls getting spanked on a Chines gameshow click click
Chinese Judicial Punishment 1 A judge with a funny hat sentences a girl to a sound paddling. click click
Chut Chut Chut A French TV show inspired by the Japanese programme "Silent toshokan". French Comics "La Bande de Fifi" in the episode "La Fessee volante" click click
Co-Ed Fever In this 1980 porn flick a group of sorority pledges is paddled. click click
Coco de Mer Advert What ever tickles your fancy :) click click
Colin and Justin Show for interior design - and spanking. - click click
Comic Relief In this charity fundraising event from 2003 Ulrika Jonssen bends over to take a few smacks from Harry Enfield. click click
Cutie Honey Two spanking scenes from this Anime series from the 1970ies. click click
Czech Easter whipping Veronika Fasterova is willing to demonstrate the Czech Easter whipping tradition. The implement used is a "pomlazka", usually made of fresh willow branches. click click
Daddy´s Darling Daughters In this 1986 porn flick Nikki Charm gets spanked by her screen Dad Paul Thomas.

click click

 Daily Tang - Dita Rose
From the porn (business) video log Daily Tang (defunct) - porn starlet Dita Rose gets spanked every time she makes a mistake. click click

 Daily Tang - Veronika Raquel
From the porn (business) video log Daily Tang (defunct) - porn starlet Veronika Raquel gets spanked every time she makes a mistake. click click
Damsel in Distress A lovely amateur production held in the style of a silent movie click click
Dance of the Vampires The musical - on stage in Berlin, 2011 click click
Dance of the Vampires on Stage 2 Spankings from Stage prodcutions of Roman Polanskis "Dance of the Vampires" aka "The Fearless Vampire Killers". click click
Dancing with the Stars (U.S.) In the tenth season (2010) Nicole Scherzinger (the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls) performs with her partner Derek Hough and they chose a very nice ending for her dance. click click
Danielle Getting Spanked at Fisher & Boy B-Day Bash Cute Radio moderator gets spanked for the anniversary of the show. click click
Danny and the Deep Blue Sea "Danny and the Deep Blue Sea" is a 1984 play written by John Patrick Shanley who won the Oscar for his screenplay of the Cher-Nicolas Cage hit "Moonstruck" in 1987.

This play contains a not "funny" spanking scene. The guy (Danny) is spanking the girl (Roberta) because she is carrying a heavy psychological weight from a dirty little secret from her childhood, and Danny thinks spanking the guilt out of her would do her some good. It looks like it did.

Two scenes from stage productions in one clip.
click click
Deaner+Dutch vs. Spears+Bomb M/F and F/M from 2011.
Shawn Spears spanks Leah Von Dutch, Cherry Bomb spanks Cody Deaner at the same time.
click click
Debbie does Dallas The well-known spanking scene from the 1978 porn flick Debbie Does Dallas.

click click
Der Kaufmann von Venedig Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice in a 2009 production of the Maxim Gorki Theatre (Berlin). The director added a spanking to the script. Shylock (Regine Zimmermann) spanks Jessica (Julischka Eichel) for stealing money from her father. click click
Der Wilde Woidboyz Huett´n Wahnsinn From German TV (BR3), New Year´s Eve 2011. Some sort of parody of MTV´s Wildboyz.

The Woidboys go and ask people on the street about their wishes. A girl called Katie, pretty too, wants to meet Santa.
She then meets the Woidboy version of Santa, confesses to drinking alcohol and recites a silly poem. Santa asks "Are you kidding me?", tells her she´s lucky since Knecht Ruprecht is already on vacation, but at the same time out of luck because now he is going to spank her himself.
He ends the spanking when she promises to be a good girl next year.
click click
Die Antwoord - Cookie Thumper The video clip for the song "Cookie thumper" of the South African rap combo Die Antwoord (The Answer) contains a paddling scene.
full music video is here.
click click

 Dirty White Girl gets the belt
This is related to the entry "Miss Texas gets the Belt". Just like in the other clip this time Dirty White Girl is interviewed when Lauren Davenport and Nurse Kratchett interrupt and spank her with a belt. click click
Does Spanking lead to Horniness? A question asked and answered by the TV show "MANswers". click click
Domani Smetto "Tomorrow I will stop" - in this episode of the Italian game show (2013) a girl is supposed to quit smoking. The girl apparently has been set a (low) limit of cigarettes a day.
But they give her a chance to earn more - for each 5 smacks she receives from people passing by she gets one additional cigarette.
click click
Dr. Bizzaro A porn production from 1983 featuring a lengthy spanking scene. click click
El bar provoca Mexican TV show from 2006, much like Big Brother.
Vanesa aka La Britni is spanked with a slipper by Mayra aka La Coyota.
click click
Euphoric Tendencies The Actors Repertory Theatre´s World Premiere of Tanya Marten´s erotic romantic comedy, Euphoric Tendencies, shot live on-stage at the Access Theater, NYC, in March, 2008. click click
Expose Me Now An XXX movie from 1982. Angel Burgeon is spanked with a ruler for not knocking loud enough. click click
Fantom Kiler 4 In this Polish production, probably not to be considered mainstream at all - a police officer (Dionne) gets a long spanking by her police inspector with a fly swatter. click click
Femmes de Sade In this hardcore movie from 1976 girls are whipped and spanked at a wild party / orgy. Video NSFW! click click

 Fetishisms Manifesto
A series of work by director Jonathan Leder. This little clip is called "Sadism" and reminds of the Betty Page fetish movies. click click

 Finsky - Dostaniesz Klapsa
..."You’ll get a smack". And indeed in this music clip from Poland we have an OTK smack at 2.30. Also M/M. click click
FOX 13's Anne Dwyer a too spontaneous and true answer here I believe... click click
Francine spanked by Jerry Lynn ECW click click
Fuchsberger and Desiree Nosbusch From a German TV show from the eighties: Joachim Fuchsberger playfully puts actress Desiree Nosbusch over his knee. No real spanking, but enjoyable for German viewers I believe. click click
Galilea Montijo spanked one smacker on a nice ass - Middle or South American production click click
Get paddled to win Quote:
Get your ass smacked and receive ticket to win raffled prizes. First we have a kind lady take a swing at it, when the justice doesn´t seem done, we have some one a little more fitting for the task.
A hard paddling for an amateur fun clip!
click click
Girlfriend spanked for coming home late It´s fun, but he´s not holding back. click click
Gonzo Games In this 1991 US TV show two girls compete against each other in a unique way. click click

 Groland magzine
A French TV comedy program. In this sketch called "Panpan Cucul" a doctor explains how to dish out a good and healthy spanking. click click
Gta San Andreas - Hot Coffee In the unmodified version of San Andreas, the player sees an exterior view of the girlfriend's house while hearing the muffled voices of Carl and his girlfriend as they engage in sexual intercourse. However, the Hot Coffee modification replaces this with a minigame which allows the player to actually enter the girlfriend's bedroom and control Carl's actions during sex. None of the six possible sex scenes involve any nudity (except when using the unrelated "Nude Girlfriends" mod), and there are animation problems with the girlfriends' partly clothed textures and bedrooms.
Cj spanks Mille in one of these scenes.
click click
GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka Anime from 1998 - Onizuka click click
Guelcan und Collien ziehen aufs Land Farmer smacks his wife in the German version of "The Simple Life". click click
House - Polish fashion advert A video clip by the Polish fashion company "House" for their Autumn/Winter collection 2012. Another (picture) ad can be found at the "Art and Spanking" section. click click
I Bet You Will Girl takes three paddle swats for money on the TV Show I Bet You Will click click
Ich bin Boes German TV comedy with comedian Mirja Boes. In the Christmas special 2011 Mirja plays a teacher who is very frustated with Santa and finally gets what she wants from Knecht Ruprecht.

download HQ
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Ikki Tousen Anime series 2003 - Goei spanks Hakufu. click click
Ikki Tousen: Dragon destiny In this anime from 2007 Ryomou Shimei is spanked. click click
Intimate Lessons Spanking from the 1982 porn flick Intimate Lessons. Spankee is Kay Parker, spanker Paul Thomas. Pretty long and intense scene for a porn production.

click click
Jacqueline spanked by The Edge otk, short click click
Jagger: Jasmine spanked by Logan It's Logan's birthday but Jasmine gets the spanking. click click
Jagger: Jasmine Spanked By The Felons This time spanked by members of the band "The Felons" click click
Jagger: Jasmine's Birthday Spanking by Lacey 27 smacks for Jasmine this time. click click
Jagger: Jasmine´s Morning Spanking click click
Jagger: Meet Chris Jasmine gets spanked otk by a 40-year-old virgin. click click
Janika On stage - spankee is Dorottya Udvaros. click click
Japanese - classroom Clip that was spread under the name "Oshiritataki" in the web - which just means spanking in Japanese and is very unlikely to be the movie title. More information is currently not available. click click
Jersey Shore Snooki spanks Deena with a paddle (from Season 3) click click
Jessica Jaymes spanked Jessica Jaymes is a US model and porn star. She gets spanked by the robo spanker on the Howard Stern Show. click click
John Safran's Race Relations In this Australian comedy documentary series John flew to the US to visit a couple with a strange excuse for spanking: they call it "Christian Domestic Discipline".
Good for us: he brings his ex-girlfriend, actress Kristen Condo, with him and gives her a spanking on camera.
click click
Just for Laughs Prank from Canadian TV - a supposedly remote-controlled cleaning robot smacks a girl. click click
Karissa Shannon In her sex tape, labelled "Superstar", the ex-girlfriend and playmate Karissa Shannon has some fun with her boyfriend and a riding crop. click click
Katie Lea paddled katie lea, beath phoenix, melody, roucka vs Victoria, serena, Maryse,and ODB in an 8 divas tag match. With the losing team member being spanked - it was Katie Lea. click click
Kelly Kelly gets spanked otk by Tommy Dreamer just what the title says! click click
Kelly Kelly spanked by Beth Phoenix Night of Champions 2011 in Phoenix click click
Kelsey Webb Kelsey Webb from WNCI the Morning Zoo in Columbus gets paddled on air for being late. click click

 Kill La Kill
or Kiru ra Kiru, a Japanese Manga TV series. Satsuki Kiryūin is captured and spanked. click click
Kira Reed spanked by... ...Howard Stern. Kira Reed is is an American actress, sex symbol, and now television producer. click click
Klimbim 1 German TV comedy with sketches, running from 1973 - 1979.
Spankee is Elisbeth Volkmann.
click click
Klimbim 2 German TV comedy with sketches, running from 1973 - 1979.
Spankee is Elisbeth Volkmann.
click click
Kristi Myst spanked by Lizzy Borden and Kronus ...over panties. The spanking starts lame, but picks up some pace later. click click

 La escuelita VIP
Mexican TV comedy series (2004). In this case Galilea Montijo receives swats onb a number of accasions (compiled from two episodes). click click
La Fessee Famous (among spankos) french adult production from 1976 - Full title: La fessee ou Les memoires de monsieur Leon maitre-fesseur
Lots of scenes in which Antoine Fontaine dishes out spankings as erotic foreplay.
click click
La Fille Mal Gardee Yes, even classical ballet knows spanking. click click
La Fille Mal Gardee 2 From Italy, 2008. click click
La Pension des fesses nues In this classic French porn flick from 1980 three girls are whipped by the headmaster!

click click
Le secret d´Elise This 1985 French adult production features a spanking with an unusual implement. click click
Leche-moi partout ...also known as "La Servante Perverse". A French porn production from 1978 in which Lydie Beggy is spanked by Jean-Pierre Armand.
click click
Lee Cooper commercial A commercial for the Jeans company "Lee Cooper" from 1979 featuring some butts being drummed on. click click

 Leftside - Gyal Yuh Bad
A song about bad girls - and a clip with a good amount of spanking. click click
Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude This video game from 2004 featured a mini game where you could spank a girl with a crop. click click
Les mille et une perversions de Felicia or 1001 Perversions of Felicia - or just Felicia is an old XX production from 1975. Béatrice Harnois tries to seduce Jean Roche - but instead he bends her over and gives her a pretty good hand spanking.

Clip link is the original French audio in higher resolution.
English version is here.
click click
Liu-Jo Commercial for the "Bottom Up"-Collection click click
Love Me Like You Hate Me A short movie by Swedish filmmaker Erika Lust exploring the dynamics of female/female dominance and submission - including spanking. click click
Loves of Lolita Angel West gets spanked in this 1984 porn flick. click click
Lydia´s holiday spanking dare A spanking on Air at Seattle´s Movin 92.5 click click
Lynx Air - Advert Funny advert for the Airline "Lynx Air". We would love to see such services on aircrafts, right? click click
L´eco di Gianni A short movie by Stefano Terraglia who spanks Claudia Cappelli (mostly offscreen, ~ 5th minute). click click
L´esclave du desir, innocente et pervertie A ="">French adult production, also known as Evil Mistress from 1985. Pornstar Dominique Saint Claire is spanked by Elaine Florian with a flogger. click click

 Mad TV
Sketch: Prehistoric Glamazon Huntress: A.D.
A little catfight including some smacks starting at 2.25min.
click click
Madonna - Hanky Panky Some girls, they like candy, and others, they like to grind,
I´ll settle for the back of your hand somewhere on my behind.
Treat me like I´m a bad girl, even when I´m being good to you,
I don´t want you to thank me, you can just spank me. Mmm.
click click
Majokko Megu-chan Anime (1974 - 1975). click click
Major Gunns spanked by Lizzie click click
Master's Plaything A short softcore production from 2002, featured as a bonus on a DVD with the movie "Female Animal".
A maid (Misty Mundae) is spanked otk with a riding crop.
click click
Mickie James ..vs Tara at TNA Xplosion 2013/05/22. click click
Mickie James spanked by R Truth Over his knee, roughly 10 swats click click
Miss Texas gets the Belt In 1992 Miss Texas aka Jacqueline Moore is doing an interview about her USWA women´s title match vs Lauren Davenport when Lauren Davenport and Nurse Kratchett come out and whip her with a belt. click click
MJ Aurora A birthday spanking, November 23, 2009 during the NWWA/DOA 75 hour show . click click
Mjoff - Naughty Girls need Spanking That's one strange song with a strange video too. click click
MTV Movie Awards 2010 Host Chelsea Handler gets slapped by LilJon, Lindsay Lohan and others. click click
Must - Sado Maso Disco Made in France in 1978 this is a typical studio production.
"You like the whip"!
click click
My Life is a Lifetime Movie A reality reality TV show ( half-scripted, half-documentary ) about "actual women who have lived through incidents so crazy, so utterly unbelievable that they could happen only in a Lifetime movie".
From 2012 - episode 3.
click click
New Stars of XXX In this 2008 porn production actress Scarlett Faye is spanked (and more) by her strict headmaster...
click click
Nidia spanked by Torrie Wilson a bikini! click click
No Pants, Yes Beer A drunk girl with no pants asks a officer for a spanking instead of a ticket on Spring Break. click click
Nora oder ein Puppenhaus A version of Ibsen´s play A doll´s house (1879) by the theatre in Oberhausen.

The slightly different trailer also shows a little spanking action.
click click
Nurse Me A Hentai (read: Anime porn), original title: Seijun Kango Gakuin). A rather long handspanking for the would-be nurse Yumi Asakura.
click click

 Olivia Young spanked
Porn actress Olivia Young aka Stefanie Guadgnola receives a pretty good spanking. click click
Omaha Bitch - Dancing Cyprine They're replacing their instruments with girls in this music clip. click click

 One Page of Love
..or Hurjat sisaret, also known as Two Sisters. An adult production from 1979. Gena Lee gets spanked bare-bottom before things get sexual. click click
Paddlin the River Brand Amateur paddling over jeans with a ping pong paddle click click
Party Belting A girl submits to quite some hard belt strokes on a party. click click
Penthouse Executive Club owner Lola and Kink Facilitator/Dominatrix Extraordinaire Lady Jessica spank this girl for dessert... click click

Russian show "Peretz Cam" - a percussionist uses a nice set of drums. click click
Pizza Money A cute girl gets her ass paddled for taking off with the pizza money!

click click
Playboy's Beach House Playmate Kimberly Phillips spanks playmate Jennifer Pershing (one smack). click click
Probot - Shake your Blood pretty kinky video click click
Rad Girls A female version of MTV´s Jackass.
In this episode Munchie takes a birthday caning from her - obviously inexperienced - friends.
click click
Rammstein - In this scandal video by the German band Rammstein there are two spanking references. click click
Rampage Johnson spanks UFC fighter Rampage Johnson spanks a Japanese girl (starting at 6:30). click click
Real Housewives of Orange County A reality television program on the Bravo network. On April 10th 2011 Vicki met with her assistant Danielle, chastising her for not coming back when she went out to get tea the other day. Since she regards her as a daughter, she tells her she´ll be spanked and gives her two smacks while she´s sitting in a chair.
Scene starts ~ 5.10 min.
click click

 Robin Byrd
The pornstar gets spanked with a ruler in an unidentified XXX production. click click
Rosita spanked by Mickie James ~6-50 mark of the clip click click
Rugj Chuck Norris The music video f the Hungarian band Irigy Hónaljmirigy for their song Rúgj Chuck Norris contains a spanking scene in a KillBill setting (~3.30) click click
Russian Institute - Lesson #13 In this 2010 porn production two "school girls" are caned by the headmistress for making out. Afterwards one girl acts as the headmistress and gets hand spanked by two other girls. click click
Russian Institute - Lesson #4 In this 2005 porn production two "school girls" are spanked by a female teacher with a ruler for owning sex toys.
click click
Sandra Bernhard spanked... Howard Stern. Miss Bernhard is an American comedian, singer, actress and author. click click
Santa spanks... ..on TV in Chile! click click
Sasha Grey The former porn star spanked by Stephen LaCroix in an unknown XXX production. click click
Saturday Night Live - Catherine Zeta Jones Catherine Zeta Jones sings a song about spanking at her "wedding". click click
Saturday Night Live - Jennifer Lopez Mango and JLo exchange light slaps in this Saturday Night Live show. click click
School of Surrender Czechploitation movie from 2005 with two caning scenes. click click
Secret Story Une petite fessee from the French Reality TV Show "Secret Story" and some talk about it afterwards. click click
Sex Tips for Girls An segment about spanking from a TV series called Sex Tips For Girls (2001). click click
Sexteen An adult movie from 1975, "Sexteen" features the humiliation and spanking of a French Maid (Bree Anthony). It's a pretty long spanking scene, too. click click

 Shelly Martinez spanked by Todd Chandler
..with a Kendo Stick and tied to the ropes. CWFH - OVP Ca 2013. click click
Sherri spanked Andre the Giant. click click
Sister Mary´s Funhouse Sister Mary´s Funhouse offers "sexy dangerous stunts and pranks by strippers". In two of their clips girls are getting good spankings. click click
Slut School In this 2006 porn flick a "school girl" is spanked with a ruler by the "head mistress". click click
So You Think You Can Dance 5 From show "So You Think You Can Dance 5". Randi Evans and Evan Kasprzak dance Contemporary - called "The Butt Dance". click click
Sok Ala Banatak Egyptian stage play whose title means "Lock Your Daughters In".
Quite a lot of spanking on stage - spanker is Fouad El-Mohandes.

There is a second scene in this play:

click click
Spank Tank A teleshopping spoof from the web

download option
click click
Spanked after her wedding An unknown XXX production which features a spanking for the bride. click click
Spanked in a bar over a keg She enjoys this a lot and gets spanked by a bunch of people click click
Spanking Blondie Amateur spanking click click
Spanking Drunk girls at RCTV HQ Just what the title says. Quite a long clip, too. click click
Spanko A short documentary about a Spanko in NYC from YouTube. click click
Spring Awakening Spring Awakening is a rock musical based on a controversial play by Frank Wedekind. Set in a provincial town in 1890s Germany, it tells the story of a group of teenagers who are struggling to discover and express their sexuality in a very repressed society.

This is the Broadway version of it.

Here's another video of it.
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Stacy Carter and Jerry Lawler This is almost a "vintage" wrestling spanking. Interesting fact: a lot of years later (2000) Jerry married Stacy just to be divorced after one year. click click
Stacy Keibler - Santa´s Helper ...spanked by Torrie Wilson. click click
Stacy Keibler spanked by Bigshow smack after pulling down her shorts. click click
Stacy Keibler spanked by Sgt. Slaughter ...with a belt. click click
Stacy Keibler spanked by Torrie Wilson an unusual position. click click
Stacy Keibler spanked by Trish Stratus ..and they´re darn muddy too. click click
Stacy paddled by Trish Just when she thought she was winning. click click
Strictly Come Dancing In this BBC dancing contest show Alesha Dixon gets spanked by her partner Matthew Cutler.

Here's the full unedited scene.
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Suicide Girls A ruler spanking on stage and complaints about "the welt". click click
Summer of ´72 A XXX movie from 1987 - Loni Sanders is spanked for her birthday.
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Sunshine spanked by David von Erich wikipedia:
Valerie French started in wrestling as the valet for her cousin Jimmy Garvin in World Class Championship Wrestling in 1983. She was called Sunshine and helped him in his feud with David Von Erich. Garvin received some criticism for hiding behind Sunshine when he was in trouble. Sunshine was known for constantly interfering on Garvin's behalf. David Von Erich spanked her in the middle of the ring for this same reason. On June 17, 1983, Garvin lost a match to David where he and Sunshine had to be his servants for a day. David had them doing chores on his ranch and filmed it.
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In the German infotainment show Taff (shown weekdays) host Daniel Aminati smacks his co-host Annemarie Carpendale on a number of occasions. Once when she decides to proclaim the daily winner not facing the camera, ztwo smacks while announcing a clip about twerking and a couple of smacks with a flip flop to demonstrate flip flips can be used for other useful things. click click
Tammy Sytch paddled by Dawn Marie just what the title says. Two swats. click click

 Tammy Sytch spanked by Tracy Smothers
Tracy Smothers spanks Tammy "Sunny" Sytch after she has unintentedly helped him win the match against her then-boyfriend Chris Candido.
starts at 13-30
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Tara Charisma spanked by D´Lo Brown click click
Taylor Rain spanked Porn starlet Taylor Rain is spanked by her screen father-in-law in an unknown pron production. click click
Taylor Vixen paddled ...the Howard Stern Show. Taylor Vixen was the 2010 Penthouse Pet of the year. It would seem she enjoyed the paddling quite a bit. click click
Taylor Wane's Secret Diary A 1994 porn production featuring a lenghty schoolgirl spanking fantasy (FF). click click
Thai lakorn Another scene from a Thai lakorn - a long caning click click
Thai soap opera or as they call soap operas "lakorn". Further details like name / actress unknown. Caning, starting at 5th minute click click
Thai soap opera Unknown lakorn. Spankee should be actress Savika Chaiyadej, nicknamed "Pinky". click click
The Carol Burnett Show Season 7, Episode 19 from 1974. Guest Joel Grey and Carol Burnett play the part of the puppets Punch and Judy. The other guest star is Vincent Price.
Punch and Judy tell us the secret of their ongoing love!
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The Cramps - Like A Bad Girl Should Music video from 1997. Band member Kristy Wallace (also known as Poison Ivy) is spanked by the lead singer, Lux Interior. click click
The Hand of Pleasure A scene from the crude 1973 softcore movie "The Hand of Pleasure". A couple is doing sexual research - including whipping each other.

Download option:
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The Journey of O aka "Emanuelle im Lustschloss der Sinnlichkeit", adult movie from 1976.
A maid and a switch - but with a twist.
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The Naughty Garden A musical featured on the HBO special "Real Sex: Porn 101: XXXtra Credit". The spankee (and director) is Tanya Bezreh.

Interesting article about the event
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The Pain Game Dutch TV show (RTL), 2012. Three teams compete with each other - apparently in games in which they have to estimate certain things / values.
If a team gives the worst guess twice, one of its members will have to learn why the show is called Pain Game. In this case a spanking is in order.
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The Pain Game Another clip from the Dutch TV show. Two girls try to make the other one yelp louder with a flyswatter. click click
The Party at Kitty and Studs A very young Sylvester Stallone spanks Henrietta Holm in the 1970 soft porn The Party at Kitty and Stud´s which was later re-relased as Italian Stallion. click click
The Secretary collection A fashion show by designer Kate Sylvester. click click
The seduction of Amy This French porn production, also known as Phantasmes, has two spanking scenes. One of the twin sisters Pony and Cathy Castel spanks the other sister over her knee. In the other - harsh and real - scene Greg Masters whips Manuelle Marinno with a belt (?).

another download link
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The Spanking Kiss From the DVD extras of the DVD set "The Art of Kissing". click click
The Spanking of Kelsey A really good birthday spanking! click click
The T & A Team A porn production from 1984.
Actress Silver Starr is spanked with a belt by the principal.
click click
Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus ..spank each other in a Paddle-on-a-pole match click click
Torrie Wilson vs Nidia Paddle on a Pole match 2003 - Torrie Wilson gets two hard whacks with a paddle click click

A comedy show providing commentary on online video clips, society, celebrities, and other parts of popular culture and stereotypes.
In this case it´s a MadMen parody - and a secretary gets spanked for no reason whatsoever.
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Tricked into a birthday spanking Her big brother gets his sister Cynthia in front of the webcam so he can deliver the spanking. click click
Trish spanked by Jericho again ...I think she wants it too. click click
Trish Stratus - bare bottom spanking with some sort of strap. 2001 by Jaqueline. click click
Trish Stratus spanked by Jericho 2 smacks, but quite nice. click click
Trish Stratus spanked by Stephanie McMahon click click
Trish Stratus spanked by Stephanie McMahon again What the title says. But Trish gets a few shots at Stephanie's butt as well. A sort of strap is used. click click
Trish Stratus vs Torrie Wilson Spanking match in 2001 click click
Tyra Banks One-Smacker Supermodel gets one good smack by one of the contestants in America´s Next Topmodel Season 9. click click
UK Raw A Victorian style al fresco spanking party including Ishmael Skye and Kerri Sharp as the haughty Miss Ursula. The presenter and novice Victorian is Tanya Brome. click click
Ukrainian Protest I Activists of FEMEN, a Ukrainian women movement defending women's conditions in the society, perform (11/16/09) during their protest action in front of Ukraine's Education Ministry in Kiev to denounce sexual harassment of students by some university professors in the country.

A complete gallery of pictures for this event
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Ukrainian Protest II Activists of FEMEN, a Ukrainian women movement defending women's conditions in the society, perform (11/16/09) during their protest action in front of Ukraine's Education Ministry in Kiev to denounce sexual harassment of students by some university professors in the country. click click
Unknown German porn ...with schoolgirls, typical style of the 70ies.
A ruler and a hand spanking.
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Velvet Sky spanked Jasmin St. Clair and George Frankenstein click click
Velvet Sky spanked by Cody Cleaner From the show "TNA ppv HARD jUSTICE" (2009) - the match was ODB and Cody Deaner Vs Angelina Love and Velvet Sky (The Beautiful People). Recommended. click click
Victoria spanked by Mickie James On Monday Night Raw 01/15/2007.

JJ added this information:
In regards to the Victoria wrestling clip, here is a match that happened (I think) about a week after that one. It was a tag match with Melina and Victoria vs Mickie James and Candice. At the beginning of the match, Mickie straddles Melina, points to Victoria, licks her hand, and gives a nice slap to Melina´s ass. Victoria then rubs her butt as if she´s remembering the spanking she got the week before. Happens at about 2:50
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Voltron In this 1998 anime Princess Allura gets spanked. click click
VyVolení A Slovak TV show (The Chosen ones) from 2005 - similar to Big Brother. Participants Rocky and Lenka are having a rather lenghty discussion. click click
We Dare An internet commercial for the "We Dare" game - a game including spankings for fun for the WII click click
Willkommen Oesterreich From the Austrian TV show "Willkommen Oesterreich" (Welcome Austria). The scene, however, is obviously taken from another Austrian show reporting on the "Reiftanz". This event - apparently a miner´s tradition - mainly consists of an elaborate dance performance. But afterwards the so-called "Pritschen" takes place. click click
Witcher 2 A computer game from 2011. Sorceress Philippa canes her assistant Cynthia who is enjoying it. click click

 You Can´t Do That On Television
Canadian TV comedy series, Season 1 Episode 8 (1979). Christine McGlade gets a good spanking from Ruth Buzzi - to prove that it does not hurt at all. click click
Young and Naughty An XXX production from 1984. Nikki Charm is spanked by Paul Thomas. 2 years later the same thing happens in "Daddy´s Darling Daughters" click click
Zenderman A Japanese anime television series ( 1979 - 1980 ).
A girl gets spanked by a spanking machine.
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